1. LuPix_S15

    Nurburgring Weekend Trip *PICS & VIDS*

    Well... After waiting six long years, I finally saved up enough cash and had the right car with the right mods to join the annual Streetrace trip to experience the Nurburgring Nordschleife :D Left home at 9.00pm Fri night and then arrived at Dover just after 1.00am going into the Sat early...
  2. Benne

    DB Power 290mm Rear Big Brake Upgrade

    Has anyone bought this DB Power 290mm Kit? Does fit perfectly? Pictures? Thx Benne
  3. Benne

    Searchin´ for Dynojet *.drf Files..

    Maybe some of you guys were on a Dyno from "Dynojet". They can record the Dynoruns as *.drf Files, which can be loaded into the Freeware "Winpep 7". Does anyone of you have those Files? Would be very interesting to have a look at! Thanks, Benne
  4. Benne

    Passenger Airbag Cover

    I removed the passenger Airbag (ontrack use of the car). Of Course, now theres a hole in the Dashoard. Where can i get a cover for it? Does anyone make such parts? Thanx, Benne