1. S

    Would you buy from SVA Imports?

    Hiya guys, i've found a nice S15 that i could potentially be buying, it is from SVA Imports ( ) The car looks really well maintained on the photos & looks in immaculate condition, i've read a few horror stories...
  2. mint


    What do you guys know about this company? Any good or bad reviews kicking about? They have told me they can source a low millage s15 other there privatly and that he can BIMTA check it when its here, but im curious.. He's quoted a milage for it already, but what if it comes over and its BIMTA...
  3. Topper

    *** Importers the Sticky - Please Read First ***

    In this section you will find a list of possible companies who supply cars direct from Japan to the Uk, and other countries. This is of course a risk, as you are buying from spec and putting all of your trust and money to a company you don't know. For this reason we, as a club, would suggest...