1. Jaydej

    Turbo timer needed?

    Hey guys so I picked up my car yesterday and I'm loving it, but the bloody turbo timer display doesn't work and it's pissing me off. Isit fine to take off?
  2. S15_SAM

    RIP Paul walker S15 owner and F&F legend!

    As above I can't believe he's died! So bloody sad! I just hope he didn't suffer! RIP bro!
  3. Fasthands

    No i don't bloody drift!!!!

    Christ what is it with people I am just starting to stripdown my S15 ready for the epic clean up repaint and fit all my new parts. And even my neighbours who don't ever seem to leave the street ask me if I 'do that drifting lark' FFS NO! I half expect it from the folk at meets and stuff but my...
  4. Fasthands

    Paignton near Focus DIY 8th June 2011

    I was just pulling out of Focus around 4:15 pm ish, and saw the back end of a white S15. Number plate S15 OMG. Had Aero rear spoiler I think. Bloody traffic stopped me getting beside you to say HI.....:p Sweet car from what I could see..
  5. Adam L

    Track worthy S15

    Well, i've owned the car since Wednesday evening last week and already had it booked in for a track day at Mallory park on Saturday. I drove from South West London to Mallory on Saturday morning in the car, the weather was bloody terrible though, it rained all the way there and most of the day...
  6. T

    New 15 Old S body owner

    Thought I had better say hello as I may be about asking a few questions. On my 3rd S13 (what fun :D), and my first toe into the S15, and if Im honest they are a tad different :nod:. Car is fairly stock and I wont be doing much at all, but what has been done has been achieved to a bloody good...
  7. irvs


    ive been bloody dumped:cry: ;) :cry: , dam women can be soo lousy, saying all i do is flirt with other women and never treat her well. yea right im out a bloody fortune spending on her flowers, hotels, resturants, nights out. awell im back out on the prowl doing a spot of 'birdwatching' tonite...
  8. irvs

    soo drunk

    soo drunk right now and dam it feels great.hehe. hate working all day and night at th3e weekend.(reallyhate being a spark these days))) anyone else pissed up???. tonight cant get anny better craic tyhan 2night mate just tole me his woman is pregers ((only 18))):rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl...
  9. P

    Damn ap cars and not having jap hands......grrrrrrr

    :mad: Well I had to replace a globe for the drivers side low beam today after it decided it's lifespan would be 4 years. Thought I would replace both globes so I wouldn'r have to faf about if the passenger side went soon after. Then thought I may as well get some nice Xenon blue globes...