1. NICKO

    FS: Loads of S15/14 parts for sale Greddy Blitz Forge ECU etc

    S15 Silvia ECU With Horsham Developments Stage 3A custom Mapped Board £250 Genuine Forge Blow Off Valve, Comes with tuning kit for various boost levels, in new condition with very little use £100 posted Blitz Blow Off Valve, now with the black hose and clamps in the picture £80...
  2. M

    S15 Spec R Project - Road sweeper :)

    Right well after (a much deserved lol) break, I went and got another Jap car on saturday As a little catch up here's some of my previous cars: S13 (ended up fully forged with a greedy TD06 25g strapped to it, slammed on grid drifts (first engine broke, then forged engine blow along with...
  3. S

    FS: parts for sale

    clearing out some parts i have left. Standard S15 WMIC with piping £70 delivered Standard S15 rear lights £60 delivered Standard Blow off valve £20 delivered will get pics up tomorrow hopefully cheers
  4. naha_music

    Blow through MAF setup?

    Do any of you have any experience or knowledge with the 'blow through MAF' setup?
  5. hendo

    Dumpking Dump pipe

    Anyone in Oz using a Dumpking Dump pipe? Thinking of getting one to go with the STD turbo and was looking to see if anyone has tried one or knows someone who has so I don't blow my dow.
  6. S15Cro

    Compressor Surge

    Hey, dont know if this has been posted before but here is my question: If I have a Blow Off Valve fitted to the car and I still experience Surge, how can I solve this problem?:confused: I know the BOV is supposed to solve the problem if the turbo has surge but what if it continues to happen...
  7. D

    Blow off valve - standard or plumb back?

    Hello Recently I was explained by a s14a owner (also a family member ;) ) , what does the blow off valve do. So I started to look around websites and found that my bov (modified) does not have a plumb back pipe inlet and connection pipe. Hence my question: should I go back to standard...
  8. B

    blow off valve

    This may sound like a stupid question for you guys but i want to know. You know when you have a blow off valve the car accelerates then sounds like its sneazing like a cheeww. But on other cars, for example with my car, it accelrates you can hear the air intake then the release sounds...
  9. sushiming

    FS: Blow of Valve Re-circ pipe hose

    guys ive got some Recirc pipe hose ive got two lots of 1.8meter each which is long enough for u to re-circ the blow off valve back into ur standard system looking at £25 posted each but i can do it cheaper if someone wants to pic it up... heres a picture of it before it was cut. here hows it...
  10. Roots82

    OEM Boost Gauge Bulb

    Hey my bulb has blow and i have taken the part number from here to nissan to get a replacement and they have no idea what it is or how to order it! has anyone managed to get one from them? or managed to replace it with any other bulb from somewhere? Thanks
  11. DeanS15

    blow off valves?

    i've been looking into blow off valves and was after something that will do the job but not sound too over the top (i want the atmospheric vent sound, but quite subtle). i was considering getting the bailey evo piston type valve from apex, as i find the ssqv fitted to my mates sti way too loud...
  12. S

    FS: FOR SALE....... Blitz blow off valve

    A stated above i have blitz blow off valve with long hot pipe kit for sale to suit a s14-s15.... this product is used but absolutely mint also comes with the filter to fit to bov to change sound if you wish....lookin for 175euro's which is half the recommended retail price... i am based in...
  13. H

    WTB: wtb: transmission

    I managed to blow up my transmission and therefor i need a "new" one. Anyone here that have a transmission for S15 R?