1. R

    WTB: 2x Work emotion CR Kai flat bronze 17"

    Hey, I'm looking for 2 work emotion cr kai in flat bronze 17", if anyone has a pair and dont want them pn me ✌
  2. D

    WTB: Volk TE37's 17x9 et22 bronze

    Hey, I am looking for a set of Volk Rays in bronze 5x114.3 17x9 et22. If anyone has these or know someone who is willing to sell please let me know. I only want them in genuine broze colour though. I prefer mint condition, but a little bit of curbing is fine with me as well.
  3. S

    New wheels arrived - Custom AvantGarde F140

    Waited about 2 months for the wheels to arrive from AvantGarde. ( These are a custom size/offset 3pc forged wheel. Technica Bronze face with Liquid Bronze lip and hardware. Can't wait to mount!! Ill post the pics on the car once the tires arrive. 19x9.5 19x11
  4. S

    FS: 18" bronze Work Emotion CR KAI

    I have a set of bronze Work Emotion CR KAI 18x8.5 et 37 18x9.5 et 38 2 of the wheels are ok with a few marks but 2 will need refurbing due to kerb rash!! no cracks or dents, blue valves fitted. £600 delivered i can give some 5mm spacers with these if needed which makes the front et32...
  5. N80Jamie

    RAYS TE37 Bronze Alloys 17x8.5 +40

    RAYS TE37 Bronze Alloys 17x8.5 +40, 4 Bridgestone Potenza tyres with good amount of life left in each - Came on the car from Japan and i'm looking at changing them soon so just wanted a rough idea on sale price Also a rough price needed on these LED Yoshio Tail Lights. Cheers guys!
  6. M

    ROTA Grid Drifts 17x9.5 et12 5x114 Matt Bronze

    Currently selling these, I know the sizes and offsets could be of interest to someone :) wheels are brand new and boxed, with only one box opened for photo purposes 17x9.5 et12 5x114 matt bronze spigot rings for mazda fitment ( intended customer who ended up having money issues ) included...
  7. Krish

    What colour wheels! Idea's needed

    Got this finish at the moment Bit dirty there I'm thinking of getting them refurbed in a different colour. Not too sure what though? I do like the black but would prefer gloss but I also like bronze.
  8. D

    XXR 527 Chromium Black or Bronze for White Spec R Aero

    Hey guys so im getting the XXR 527's for my Silvia soon but i cant decide on the colour so i need some help... The Bronze or the Chromium black? I plan to put carbon parts (bonnet, wing and boot) on the car later so factor that into your decision. below is a pic of a S15 with the bronze, and the...
  9. S

    silver s15 m25 anti clckwise by a3 this morning

    had a bgw and carbon bonnet, bronze rims and red brides
  10. J

    what colour wheels? cant decide :(

    HELP ME :( for those who havnt seen my car:- thanks im thinking possibly bronze?
  11. Trial_S15

    Wanted; Valve stems & caps

    Hows things, Can any of the traders get the following items and how much each delivered to Ireland? 4 No. Valve stems & caps (in blue) for Bronze 17" Work Emotion CR Kai's 4 No. Valve stems & caps for Bronze 17" Nismo GT4's Thanks, Colin
  12. DeanS15

    rota gtr bronze

    hi people, just after some opinions on fitting a set of rota gtr drift staggered fit bronze 18" alloys to my pewter spec r? at the moment it has staggered fit 17's (bronze enkei racelines or something, they were already fitted to the car), i like the wheels that are on it but they look a little...
  13. P

    My S15

    Hi guys, as requested by kazama, here is my humble stock S15! Right now its running on 18inch Work Bronze Emotion Rims. Thats about it! :)
  14. Robbyp

    white car white wheels

    Have been thinking bout buying a set o work emotion cr kai's as while and think ive finally got the money for them but had always thought i would just go with bronze but was startint to think what would white ones look like on my White S15 anbody got any pics of that?