1. O

    WTB: S15 spec-r

    Anyone have something for sale, prefer aero or a vertex kit. Color not to fussed. And if possible (i know it is rare) a sunroof. Budget around €12k.
  2. J

    newbie from bucks RETURNING to S bodies after a few years

    hi im jon from buckinghamshire, was heavily into 200sx/silvias a few years back and been a sxoc and driftworks members for around 10 years, had been looking for a new car and kinda stumbled across a s15 that was in my budget so took the plunge and bought it hopfully ill enjoy owning it as much...
  3. simon

    WTB: S15 Spec R - Black - Ireland

    How's it going, I'm looking for a black S15 in Southern Ireland. Budget up to 9k, cash waiting... 087 9450661
  4. B

    WTB: Electronic boost controller

    As titled I'm after one of these. budget about 100.. Regards, nigel.
  5. J0R04N

    Boost controller. £350 budget??????

    Looking to buy a boost controller next. Looking at the gizmos and the HKS EVC-S. any others I should look at for that kind of money??
  6. Jay-pan

    Hello from UK on the look...

    Hi guys, my names Jay and I am from the UK. In need of some advice, just sold my car after 4 hard months and now on the look for something new. So far narrowed it down to a 350z or a nissan Silvia S15. Just want a few details on what I should expect to pay and if there are any for sale at the...
  7. crazymat666

    WTB: lookin for a spec r to buy :)

    well the time has come my integra is on ebay colectin the bids and should be gone the weekend im on the hunt for a spec r in silver black or maybe white(tryin to go for a change seems the teggy was white) i have a budget of 8500 live in somerset if any1 has any info cheers :D:D:D
  8. R

    WTB: 2 way diff

    wanted 2 way diff 2nd hand pref cusco for my s15. budget 400 - 450
  9. R

    Newbie drom Ireland

    How ya gettin on, my name is Ryan and I'm currently contemplating an S15 its between that an S2000 or DC5. My budget isnt great so would be lookin for a recession busting bargain:nod:
  10. LuPix_S15

    Bride Digo

    Hola, Has anyone fitted the new Bride Digo model seats? I've not got a vast budget on bucket seats etc so Bride Stradia and Zeta are kinda way outta budget - esp at today's awful exchange rates :wack: The Digo's look so much cheaper yet you think with Bride, the quality should still be...
  11. JEZ 8553

    FS: APEX Premium Braided Coolant & Oil Pipes

    Had these for a while now and dont know when im going to get the chance to fit them so no point having them sitting around any longer. This is both the coolant pipes and the oil feed pipe. This is the premuim ones by APEX not their budget ones...
  12. J

    Recommended Rubber

    Hi Guys, Need a litle recommendation if you can spare 5, thought my S15 was seriously loosing power the past week but after my mates supra had a blow out last week thought i'd check my tyres to find from the middle to the inside wall was virtually slick (hence the loss of power through wheel...