1. I

    WTB: Rear top mounts from stock suspension

    I'm looking for stock suspension rear topmount assembly, pair. The metal spring platform with any bushes and washers above and below the mount itself
  2. JDM_virgin


    been driving my car a lot recently now the weather has improved however when driving it sounds like i have sooty and sweep in the car! squeaking over bumps is horrendous. I was wondering if it is bushes that are starting to deteriorate? I have apexi limo coil overs 4/3 spring rates and stock...
  3. F

    Suspension Refresh

    Looking to do a big refresh of the bushes and arms and stuff. Already have a set of Blitz coilovers fitted. So far i have bought - Tension Rods - Toe Rods - Traction Rods - Rear camber arms - Tein tie rods and end links to match - Front LCR Bushes - Rear LCR Bushes - Subframe Bushes - Nismo...
  4. L

    FS: Standard s15 parts

    Got some standard s15 parts I've taken off my s15 due to being surplus to my requirements standard front tension arms with bushes intact and nuts £25 front anti roll bar complete with bushes, drop links and mounting brackets £30 fully working rear wiper motor and arm assembly £20 front...
  5. L

    Replacing diff and subframe bushes

    Hi guys, Just fitted some cusco sway bars and am very happy with them but ever since I've had the car there's some knocks/clunks coming from the back end so next on my list is to replace the diff and subframe bushes. Can I replace the diff bushes without removing the subframe? Or is it best to...
  6. dave_t

    Steering Column Lower Universal Joint - Part Number? (Pics Inside)

    Guys I have replaced my inner tie rods and outer tie rod ends with Tein units, and also replaced my steering rack bushes for energy poly bushes. I still notice a slight dead zone and notchy feeling when moving left-right from dead centre. I think I have pin-pointed the problem to be the...
  7. W

    subframe misalignment

    Has anybody ever fixed this issue? Does changing subframe bushes work?
  8. Chriscooke

    FS: Energy Suspension S14/s14a/s15?? polly Diff bushes full set + front lower arm bushes

    I've got a set of Energy Suspension diff bushes which I imported for a mate but due to a delay in shipping they are no longer required. This is a full set of diff bushes for front and rear of diff May fit s15 too. Part number 7.1118G Brand new in box unopened parts (the ones pictured are...
  9. pegliobaglio

    FS: Energy subframe bushes

    Energy suspension subframe bushes black 7.1117 s14,15 £50 posted uk

    Poly bushes & suspension arms etc..

    What bushes you use? It's one of my plans do over winter. Also looking at changing all the arms . Any good arms ? Other than using driftworks ones...
  11. R-Spec

    Steering wheel shake/shudder

    Hi, I've had this for quite some time now. At one stage the front wheels were well out of balance and I ran like this for a while. Since sorting new wheels and tyres which have now been balanced 3 times I still have a slight shake which can get worse and then better again whilst driving at the...
  12. dave_t

    Subframe Bushes

    Right, i will be dropping the subframe this week to underseal properly. at the same time i wan to replace the oem subframe and diff bushes for poly equivalents. What brand bushes are best to use? and where to purchase them? Thanks in advance for the replies :thumbs:
  13. J

    £49.00!! Solid Alloy Subframe Bushes!

    Hey guys, Here we have back in stock our Nissan Solid Alloy Subframe Bushes Solid Subframe bushes are a must have for all hard driving enthusiasts, these one piece CNC machined aluminium rear suspension bushes will banish those soggy back end blues experienced under extreme driving...
  14. Max

    WTB: S-tunes Nismo

    Hi, looking for some good condition S-tunes to swap in when I get my bushes done next month. Just to save me having to get them from Nengun really. Let me know what you have, plus if you need any energy suspension bushes in the next few weeks from the states let me know as i'll have a hefty...
  15. Max

    FS: S15 parts inc Seats

    THREAD CLOSED. Remaining parts will be consolidated into a new thread Spec R Front Seats SOLD S15 BMC £30 (larger cylinder diameter than S14/13. Should be same balance as S14 as same callipers used, replaced in R33 swap) Stock BoV £20 Rad (no shroud) BINNED Blitz air filter SOLD EBC...
  16. S15_SAM

    WTB: Rear diff Bushes front ones

    As above I would like some polly front diff bushes, if any one has some spare out of a complete set etc.
  17. DeanS15

    FS: Fans, harnesses, hoses, bushes, wheelnuts etc...

    for sale i have the following: a pair of bolt in sparco (manufactured by sabelt) eec approved road legal and kitemarked 3 point bolt in harnesses with booklets and all fixings. spotless condition. ONE REMAIMING £30-00 POSTED. Bargain :) brand new boxed set of energy poly rear upper arm and...
  18. Fruitbooter

    Help fitting bushes

    Ive posted these piks in my project thread but just in case people dont look in there... Right I need some advice Im really struggling to fit the bushes in the rear arms and hub carriers Im following this technique - And the same to fit the insert - But mine dont go in so...
  19. S15_SAM

    FS: Driftworks rear subframe bushes BNIB £65 delivered.

    Driftworks rear subframe bushes BNIB price drop £55 delivered. S15oc only Hi guys I have these bushes to sell as I've changed my mind on fitting them. Heres the driftworks info! £55 delivered to uk for s15oc everyone else is 60-65! "Drifting puts a lot of stress on subframe bushes...
  20. Fruitbooter

    Energy Subframe bushes

    Quick one - When removing the old bushes from the subframe do I need to completley remove everything including the metal bit? I cant remember which bushes need them leaving in and which dont... Also I take it lots of fire is best to remove the old ones :D Cheers :)