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  1. I

    WTB: White S15 Spec-R

    Looking for a white S15 Spec-R. Based in South Wales but happy to travel anywhere for the right car. Cash waiting for a quick deal :)
  2. C

    Something badly wrong with my car, Help!

    Happened about 3 months ago, as I accelerated away from a roundabout I heard a loud bang like something had snapped. Now I can put the car in any gear release the clutch and the car won’t move there’s a small rattling noise coming from the back of the engine/clutch area which you can only hear...
  3. ChrisKnottIns


    Chris Knott Insurance - PRE-SPRING OFFER Hi, Have you ever considered buying a Dash Cam? Good news if you get a CAR insurance quote from club sponsor Chris Knott by the end of March - you'll be entered in our draw to WIN a Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam with rear-facing camera module and Sandisk...
  4. Darren_S15

    FS: Passenger side door visor

    For those of you who don't know me I used to be a very active member of this forum years ago before I sold my S15. I recently found an S15 part in the loft, the original passenger side door visor from my car. The drivers side one was broken on my car so I had the parts shipped over from Japan...
  5. ChrisKnottIns

    Competitive prices AND top quality service

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  6. ChrisKnottIns

    Never again forget to get a Chris Knott quote

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  7. ChrisKnottIns

    Why you should try Chris Knott this month...

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  8. J

    FS: 78works Sequential Taillights

    As I no longer have my S15 I no longer need these. They're the full LED non-smoked sequential version, as seen here, LED??? l ??????? l ????????????? l ??????? l ?????? I bought them last June, and they were fitted to the car for about 5 months, and have been in storage in the original...
  9. ChrisKnottIns

    Car Insurance - what to check as well as the price

    You could be missing out if you ignore the specialist brokers (especially if your car or situation is non-standard). You might think that you're going to get your best deal on a price comparison website but actually at Chris Knott we're just as likely to beat an online price as any other...
  10. mixvariety

    FS: S15 Spec R Aero - Pearl White, TE37's, GTX2876R, 351bhp+!

    Due to the boring adult reason of looking into buying a house, I’m reluctantly putting my S15 up for sale to help towards it. I’m not in a rush to have rid of this, so it’ll only go for the right price. This has been my dream car (on my dream wheels) since the early Gran Turismo days, and I hope...
  11. W

    FS: nissan s15 spec s-r white 1999 -- ready race paper for track use

    hey to all i have here a sylvia for sell i bougth it from cyprus as drift car project car has spec s base non turbo and put on in japan sr20det from s14 tans is 5 speed from s15 manual non turbo as only spec r has 6 speed anyway i change my mine as i am not good finance and i have to sell it...
  12. Ajbulger

    FS: White 1999 Spec R

    Nissan Silvia spec R Car has been in my ownership for 8 years but she just doesn’t get driven anymore and she really deserves to be. Engine rebuilt Over bored custom pistons Cosworth 1.2 gasket ACL race bearings Head ported polished Crank reground New valves springs etc. Nismo 740cc...
  13. F

    Yet another insurance thread

    Hey everyone, another insurance related question here. I'm 19 and currently have a bmw m140i, renewal coming up at the end of august where I should hopefully have my 2 years no claims. I have had this car for a few months and while it's great fun, I've wanted an S15 for years with the only...
  14. S

    FS: 1991 Eunos Roadster Mazdaspeed

    For Sale is my 1991 Mazda MX5 Eunos Roadster. This car is believed to be a factory Mazdaspeed edition as it has genuine Mazdaspeed side skirts, spoiler, exhaust system and stainless steel exhaust manifold, it is missing the front splitter but previous owners have told me it did have it a few...
  15. ChrisKnottIns

    Show us your car in the Chris Knott virtual #showandshine

    Hi, Share a pic of your car on one of our social media pages and you could win a great prize. As a specialist car insurance broker, Chris Knott Insurance works with many of the UK's car clubs, forums and enthusiast groups, insuring both classic cars and modern/modified vehicles. However, we...
  16. T

    some Noob Questions

    if in wrong section please move and PM me where thanks:D so i made a pay on for my new dumb decision that means i am terrible in translating my german thoughts to english text and also that i paid a part of the price to the previous owner in order to save my new smokesomewheels for me^^ i...
  17. K

    S15 no power or boost before 4krpm

    Really struggling to find anyone who has had this issue who has posted a solution in the last ten years or so. My car has next to no low end torque or power and boost holds off as the car crawls its way up past 4000rpm then it comes to life on full boost and start hauling ass. I've changed my...
  18. ChrisKnottIns

    DashCam Giveaway from Chris Knott

    We're giving away a DashCam to one lucky winner! Hi, If you'd like to get your hands on a Dashcam you'll enjoy this latest competition from Chris Knott Insurance. PROVEN CAR INSURANCE SAVINGS Designed specifically for car club members and enthusiasts, our car insurance facility currently...
  19. A

    Need help

    Hello guys i need help you guys identify my car, its model is GBYARUAS15U4E--A- does my car have Helical or Viscous LSD or Open differential? Thanks
  20. A

    Radio aerial wiring

    Hey guys. Just wondering if someone can help me out with my radio aerial. When I bought the car, the fuse box and battery were mounted in the boot. I relocated both back into the engine bay. I noticed there was a wire coming off the battery terminal going towards the radio aerial harness, and...