1. C

    Interior trim colour

    Does anyone know what the paint code is for the grey interior plastics or even something very close too it?
  2. JDM_virgin

    WTB: s15 dash and centre console

    Hi All, looking for upper and lower dash with centre console. not worried about condition, Im making a sim rig with it :D Will need posting unless close to the Essex area ideally under £200 please
  3. O

    WTB: 6-speed gearbox

    He Guys, Looking for a 6-speed gearbox as mine has probably stripped a gear. Anyone that has one for sale or knows a shop or person that has one (or deals with these boxes frequently) please let me know. Preferable close to the Netherlands.
  4. G

    Recommended clutch for stage 1

    Hey, looking for a bit of buying advice before I order a new clutch. Started slipping yesterday on boost so having to nurse the car about since it's my daily. Anyone got some recommendations for a stage 1 clutch? Not looking to spend more than £300, found these 2 online and wondering if anyone...
  5. N80Jamie

    Anyone close to Telford/Shropshire area?

    Some of you may have read my last topic about the possibility of miss matching upper mounts to my Ohlin coilovers. If anyone is reasonably close by to me, that has either Cusco or Tein upper mounts fitted on their front struts, id really appreciate it if I could come and take a look at them and...
  6. 5

    FS: BREAKING 450bhp S14.5 - Cusco, Blitz, Chargespeed, TEIN, UKDM

    all gone, please close :)
  7. JDM_virgin

    WTB: S15 cluster

    Hello guys and gals, In the latest saga with my car, the guy now thinks it could be the cluster... so if anyone has a standard s15 cluster they would be willing to lend me or sell cheap then i would be very thankful. If you lend it to me i will obviously cover postage or collect if youre...
  8. B

    WTB: Spec S Air flow meter 22680 52F01

    As above need an AFM for a spec s. Code: 22680 52F01 Pics if you have one. Close up of code on sensor too. cheers
  9. Jay-pan

    WTB: Boot lid I can borrow

    Need a boot lid I can borrow for a week or so, close to Telford would be good.
  10. Jay-pan

    WTB: Anyone close to telford, shropshire...

    Got a decat for sale that i could collect today or tomorrow?
  11. S

    WTB: Used but as close to new as possible coilovers

    Need some coilovers for the 15 money waiting
  12. M

    Photo of Spec-r Badge

    Hi guys i need a favour from you! Im after a high quality picture of a 'spec-r' badge. Am wanting to do abit of photo-shopping to it and the only ones i could find using google images were to small. So preferebly close up and straight on to the badge. Thanks in advance.
  13. E

    WTB: NA s15 sr20de

    as title, iam looking for a s15 na sr20de now. cash waiting. plese let me know what you got and how much. as close as west midland the better. cheers
  14. LuPix_S15

    It's all in the detail...

    Just thought that it would be nice to share some pics of details of mods I've done (also my favourite ones) as we mostly see and post pics which are just of the whole car :wack: But really hope everyone else can join in and take snaps of detailed stuff - get up close and personal lol so we can...
  15. S

    FS: Os giken 5speed close ratio gearbox

    Hi, i bought these from RB motorsport and now have changed project and are wanting to go for a 6 speed so i have on offer: a s14a Geabox with brand new OS Giken Close Ratio Gear Kit only done 1000miles (running in) and i also have OS Giken Twin plate cluch again only 1000 miles. please make me...
  16. S

    Recomended Painters

    Hey guys I was thinking about getting the paint touched up on my s15 as there are quite a few stone chips and i was wondering if anyone could recommend someone who is going to a do a good job. I would perfer it to be cheap but i can live with it if its a good job. I am in the north west of...
  17. T

    FS: 350z Rays 18" alloys

    Hi change of plans means i won't be needing these. set of 350z 18" Rays alloys. 2 front tyres will need replacing and one rear has 4 mm (bridgestone) and other rear has 5-6mm Federal tyre. Couple of the rims has some kerbing, but it is touched up so can't really see unless you inspect it up...
  18. C

    not an s15 but close

    just some pictures of my s14.5
  19. LuPix_S15

    Close Ratio Gearbox

    Ok folks :) I'm just purely asking this question out of interest as I know the prices will make most people feel queezy but in the long distant future, when I'm trying to get my Silvia more and more hardcore in terms of acceleration and response (not big power), is summat like a gearbox with...
  20. X

    WTB: S15 OEM Shift Knob

    Close Thread