1. fadli256

    Spec S cluster on a Spec R???

    Hi guys As per title, Are they the same? thanks :)
  2. B

    FS: Nissan S15 - Nismo gauge cluster - new/original boxing

    i have for sale a new and original boxed Nismo gauge cluster for Nissan S15. its located in germany. please ask for shippingquote. price: 550,- Euro
  3. - 0h -

    How to remove the gauge cluster?

    I'm on the hunt to buy an Spec R gauge cluster as my s15 is Spec S and the gauge cluster is black... so I want to upgrade it to make it looks better and in Spec R version :nod:...but i don't really know how to remove the gauge cluster... if anyone on here has done it, please give me advice...and...
  4. 2

    replacing speed cluster

    Is the speed cluster from 2000 to 2001 any different...
  5. T

    Stack Dash

    Has anyone here ever fitted, or is knowledgable (sp?) about fitting a stack dash to an s15. Things that had me concerned are Wiring up the warning lights like ABS, Airbag, main beams, diff warning light, etc. Wiring up the speedo as it takes its feed from the diff on the s15, would this cause...
  6. A

    Racepak IQ3 display dash

    Has anyone tried installing the Racepak iq3 display in the S15? I understand that there are some wires that need to be jumped in order to completely remove the stock gauge cluster and replace it with an aftermarket gauge cluster. Anyone with advice or instruction, please advise me. I know that...
  7. R

    WTB: wanted guage cluster white

    l need a cluster guage needs to be white faced for my s15
  8. S

    WTB: Dial Cluster

    as above, my RPM has started aqcting really odd. jumps about and is being a general pain in the bum. anyone got a spare one ^^
  9. X

    WTB: WTB: Gauge Cluster & HSLD

    WTB: Gauge Cluster & HLSD Close Thread.
  10. G

    Whats different about this picture??

    Can anyone spot whats different about this Dial cluster than the ones you normally see in an S15??
  11. U

    WTB: WTB: S15 Gauge Cluster spec r or nismo

    I really need a s15 spec r cluster or a nismo cluster, if you can help or direct me towards one, I would greatly apperciate it...
  12. G

    WTB: ADM S15 Dash Meter Cluster

    Dear Aussie S15 Owners, Anyone has new or used ADM meter cluster (Speedo, Techo & Fuel/Temp) Titanium OEM, please let me know. Thanks
  13. A

    s13 digital cluster in s15

    Hello everyone, just curious to know if the s13 digital cluster will plug into the s15 unit? has anyone ever attempted this? If yes how hard is it and is it worth the try at all? Another question, Will the JDm spec s14's triple meter DIN cluster work in the s15?
  14. meddler

    instrument cluster lights

    Guys, This is a bit of an odd question, has anyone got a picture of their instrument cluster with all the indicator lights lit up? I would like to see what light is where. Specifically the fog light indicator and also what are spare holes (ones that don't do anything). Due to mine being an...
  15. slammedmind

    Nismo dial cluster

    Can the nismo dial cluster be bought from nissan? If not where can i get a set from?