1. Carta

    My Silvia nearly killed me today!

    Today after work I started my Silvia up and I noticed that it was idling at 1.5k rpm not the usual, but I put that down to cold start. When I was driving, now and then I would hear a whining noise which eventually stopped. So I pulled out of a junction onto a 60mph road and booted it to 60, I...
  2. S15AK

    Spotted on ebay

    Hi Guys Some of you might remember Dean's old S15, which was one of the cleanest S15's on here. Well its being broken for parts, as by the sounds of the ad its been crashed, which is a real shame :( some brilliant parts up for grabs though...
  3. H


    Hello, Its been a while since ive been on for a while but i thought i should make more of an effort an say hi. Although i kinda crashed it at the weekend :-(
  4. G

    WTB: S15 rolling shell

    Lads I'm looking for a rolling shell the more It has on it better I have engine,gearbox,front seats and wheels if needed. Even if crashed pm if you even know where I'd find 1. Cheers
  5. H

    Private Plate Transfer - HELP!!

    My g/f crashed my '99 s15 6 months ago and it had my plate on it. The insurance company eventually wrote it off and paid me out and i bought the car back. Now i have an '01 and today tried to swap my plate from the crashed car to the new one but the VRO in cardiff have told me that my old car...
  6. sands

    how much is an aero bumper worth?

    what are they making now a days? 1 needs painting just had bad paint job good other then that? other 1 is off crashed s15 and in fue bits mite be only fit for bin
  7. Miss S15

    FS: s15 parts for sale

    This was the s15 before it was crashed: Everything is there except shell,engine and diff
  8. M

    Anyone know who owns a white S15 in Colchester and crashed this week?

    Heard a rumour today that an S15 crashed thro a central reservation and flipped onto its roof the other day. Did a search and found this..... Read the comments. I just posted my thoughts at the bottom....
  9. A

    What to look out for?

    Alright lads,I am going looking at a yellow 2001 S15 tuesday,just wondering what i should be looking out for in general?Have no problem spotting a crashed one,just the extra bit of help would be handy.....:notworthy: