1. tooley

    FS: HID Passenger Side Headlight

    Fully working. Minor surface scratches. Will polish out. Converted to non HID due to drifting and crashing is an occupational hazard RIP driver side light. No damage to any of the mountings £300 delivered
  2. pegliobaglio

    FS: Lots of parts

    Right so now my s15 build is fully underway I will be selling stuff I no longer need prices are open to offers and postage is extra unless otherwise Stated More pics are available on request Oem aero boot with spoiler £250 or swap with smooth lid + £100 Bodykit - uras skirts and rear...
  3. Surfing Boris

    removing badges advice needed

    I would like to de-badge the rear and remove the spec r badges from the car. Can anyone advise the easiest way to do this so that (a) the badges stay in one piece, and (b) I don't do any damage to the paintwork!! Thanks guys
  4. NICKO

    WTB: 2X Front Hub Nuts

    Im looking for 2x front hub nuts for my S15, must been in good condition with minimal damage to the folding edge, cheers
  5. J

    FS: SR20DET Breaking

    I have an engine that has been damaged due to DET all parts other than the pistons Block And cylinder head are fine. Crankshaft in std size good condition, no damage at all. £100 Rods £10 each no damage Rocker arms £8 each inlet and exhaust valves are yet to be removed from head but i...
  6. I

    FS: Cheap SR20DET (VVT)

    I have an engine that came out a 96k auto s14a that spent most it's life standard, then went 1a (manual conversion) and the head gasket failed. Rather than changing the head gasket I swapped engines with a spare I had and planned to forge this one. That cars gone now so this engine is for sale...
  7. F

    Blow off valve delete?

    Hi everyone A friend off mine has recently shown me a video of a guy with a s15 removing his stock bov. He did it to get turbo flutter. It did sound really good! I did a bit of research into it and it seems that if you are running normal waste gate pressure it doesn't damage the turbo. I was...
  8. Fruitbooter

    R.I.P DeanS15's old car

    Firstly apologies to the current owner if your on here but I can't remember who bought it! Just seen that JDM Garage are breaking Deans old car! For the newer people who don't know, this was an amazing car, countless hours and money went into it producing one if the cleanest, best examples in...
  9. N80Jamie

    FS: GAUGING INTEREST: RAYS TE37 Bronze Alloys 17x8.5 +40

    Going to be getting rid of these wheels shortly to make way for a new set. Just looking to see if anyone is interested before I go ahead and remove them. Couple of the alloys have curb damage (not from me!) I will picture this damage as soon as I can. All wheels have Bridgestone Potenza tyres...
  10. CMR

    FS: Genuine Nissan S15 OEM Aero Rear Spats

    Genuine Nissan S15 OEM Aero Rear Spats Unfortunately one of the spats has minor damage where they connect to the inner arch, however it does not affect the appearance and they still fit perfectly fine. If you are getting them sprayed any reputable body shop will be able to repair the tabs...
  11. Nissan_S15

    Neighbour threatened me and my S15 :(

    So long story short, I travel to Bournemouth every week from Reading to attend uni and have been doing so for the last 2 and a half years. Since summer holidays a new family has moved in two houses down from me in Bournemouth. Now every Monday morning at 7.30am I return to my house in...
  12. Nissan_S15

    Tyre shop f'd up my car today. Not happy!!!

    So basically I went to get my rear worn tyres swapped over this morning to a set of Toyo Sport tyres (same size/width) and in the process the tyre shop scraped up my alloys preety bad :( I noticed this whilst filling up on air, so stormed back to the shop and demanded compensation, to which...
  13. C

    FS: S15,sr20de,s14 track car

    havent been active for a long time had to re register :eek: i have a friend doing conversion on spec s at the moment have few parts from that for sale also lots of parts from s14 donor car Thread will be updated in next few days with more parts seats cage bumpers hubs spacers bgw shell or...
  14. Jay-pan

    FS: Few items for sale, bumpers, radiator, fogs, lights.

    * S15 Aero Fog lights, glass all intact no damage. Bulbs present didn't have a switch to turn them so couldn't test them but cant see why they wouldn't work mint condition £30 collected * S15 standard radiator, no leaks minimal fin damage from a 2001 S15. £10 * S15 standard intercooler with...
  15. R

    FS: Carbon fibre dash surround

    I've taken lots of pics do ŷou can see the damage and be honest upfront Small hairline crack on main part. Nissan sticker hiding another minor crack gear gater clip broken rear of main piece is missing something from the looks of it but never affected it. None of the damage affected anything...
  16. N80Jamie

    FS: Crystal Rear Lights (Half Red/Clear) + SU/DMAX Style Rear Spoiler

    SU/DMAX Style Rear Spoiler Item Condition: Never used Price: £100 Item Description: Bought from EP racing, i would be selling it for more or less what i bought it for however, there is a slight but of damage on one the corners (easy fiberglass fix) from when it was posted to me. Pictures...
  17. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    what mods for upping boost?

    Hey all I want to know what I will need to do so that it's safe for me to increase my boost. Not sure on what mods will need to be done so its safe and damage the engine etc
  18. R-Spec

    Excellent condition S15 for sale

    I'm not the first to see this I guess?.... "small dents / scratches stuff but nothing serious damage with a paint job , should take care of all that .":rotfl::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl: http://s168.photobucket.com/albums/u189/burhan143/?action=view&current=024-15.jpg
  19. P

    Callum's S15 Spec-S (a new begining)

    Greeting fellow s15 owners :) To begin with, this is the same S15 as my other thread, but I had an accident, and it had a fair bit of damage, but it's all fixed now, but I'd like to start nice and clean with a new thread :) Story behind the car, about 2 months ago I purchased a second hand...
  20. Adam L

    FS: Stock bumper

    Stock front bumper for sale - I removed this a couple of weeks ago. It had stone chip damage but is in good condition with no cracks. £100 collected