1. J

    S15 has new rims, well almost :)

    Loving the white dish :)
  2. subzero

    Definitive Offset for Max dish for a std s15 (with rolled arches)

    looking at wheels after wheels and im mad to get some super dishu. have coilovers . would like to know is there a definitve offset , say for ssr profs / work meisters. in 17s and 18s that will squeeze the most dish out of an s15 with no wide arches put on.
  3. S

    FS: my wheels for sale thread

    ok ive been collecting wheels and skid wheels for way too long so i need to shift some (so i can buy more) first off my pride and joy work anhelo 4 rims all 17" 2x 8j et8 perfect for front of stock body 2x 9j et20 (could do with a 6mm rear spacer to finish off the stance with just the rear tyres...
  4. C

    WTB: 18" Dished Wheels

    Ok, so I'm new here. I don't have an S15 but my mate is just after buying one. He asked me to ask on here for some new wheels. He is looking for 18 x 9.5 rears and 18 x 8.5 fronts. He wants something with a good dish. Colour wise a gunmetal colour or gold with a chrome dish. Any help...
  5. B

    [search] pictures of s15 with nardi deep dish

    hi...did anyone have pictures where i can see a nardi deep dish inside of a s15? i would need to know too, what hub i have to use.
  6. mint

    Pic Request - VIP s15's + DISH!

    I wanna see pics of Slammed s15's, with Stupid STUPID dish. Possibly some kind of VIP Styling, and if possible one with a set of SSR Vienna's :thumbs::thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:
  7. J

    FS: 18" deep dish chrome wheels

    18" deep dish wheels.New TYERS bought these 2 months ago and never used them they are brand knew!!! exact same as the ones here except with a chrome dish.... offset ;35 2 brand knew 245 tyers on back 2 new 225 on front front. 5 stud wheel. PRICE...
  8. mint

    s15 + s13 = WIN!

    With my mate Gav's 180 now on the road.. its only fair i got the chance to snap some pics of it before she gets dropped with dish.. and a new bumper lol! More Pics over at