1. JaseYpk

    Brake Fluid - DOT 5.1?

    Howdy! So i'm sure i read somewhere that DOT 5.1 is recommended for fast road, but i just read up that it is NOT recommended and has significant disadvantages (not listed). Can anyone expand on this/recommend brake fluid 'DOT' (3/4/5.1) Also, how much brake fluid does the S15 take? (roughly)...
  2. oilman

    Brake Fluid explained

    Brake fluid... Bit of a mystery topic! To help dispel some myths and for some good solid general info on the mysterious world of brake fluids I decided to contact Millers Oils up in West Yorkshire. Their Technical Director, Martyn Mann was on hand to give us some useful info… below is...
  3. D

    Newb to this forum not Import tuning...but still ineed of help

    Ok, so i live in the U.S., land of the redneck :wack: and extremely ridiculous JDM import laws :annoyed:. So im sure you can figure how annoying it is wanting to get some of the S15 SpecR Silvia's i see for sale but am worried about import costs and all that EPA and DOT crap. I really want...
  4. L

    FS: S15 Spec R

    For Sale I am gutted to sell her but i'm going travelling so needs must. 2000 x reg S15 spec R 91k miles (BIMTA cert when imported) full Thatcham cat 1 alarm Spec B interior (rare-ish) comprising of blue suede door panels and seats with silvia emblem. apart from that, usual S15 spec. 2ltr...
  5. C

    brake fluid

    i've just found out that UK don't make DOT 3 brake oil which is the standard spec for s15. My fluids are running low at the moment and i just want to top it up to use for a few weeks. Is it possible to mix abit of DOT 4 in there, which was told but halfords but the lid said something else. thanks