1. japmadlad

    MOT query

    just back from my MOT on the S15. It passed on everything but they are holding my cert until I rectify one issue... The clocks only read in MPH & supposably should read in both MPH & KPH. So I have to get sticker made up that are accurate & open the clocks to put them on. Now some might say this...
  2. P

    10 Year ESVA Rule

    This is a follow-up from a discussion on the SXOC found HERE. The debate focused on the "at first sight" cheap pricing of an auto S15 Spec-R. I felt that the car was reasnobly priced for the following reasons: Automatic gearbox Viscous diff Been in the country numerous years, (pre-ESVA as...
  3. R

    Definitive ESVA Can/Can't

    Right, after asking around for a while, it seems that there are lots of different opinions on what can be ESVA'd and what can't. I rang the local ESVA centre and they were less than useful! From what I've gathered so far : Bodykits are a no-no Engine mods have to be put back to standard Are...
  4. K

    HELP! ... with ESVA

    Hi all, i've got a bit of a problem. Nicely generously lent me his front bumper so as to get the car through the ESVA, but i went to fit it and found a little problem. Does anyone have the two front bumper reinforcement assemblies and the undercover bumper fascia. I'm really stuck here as...
  5. K

    WTB: WTD: Wheel arch liners

    I'll need these for the ESVA! Anyone got some that i can buy, borrow?
  6. K

    Big thanks to Nicely

    Saw NIcely yesterday. He's lent me a front bumper and some rear lights for the ESVA. What a top bloke. Thanks again mate. Ohhhhh and what a car !!!!!!!