1. Nissan_S15

    Open Event: The Fast Show - S15 Owners Club Show Stand. Lets Make It Happen!!!

    Hey everyone, Santa pod is hosting the Fast Show on Sunday the 17th of March and a few of us on here would like to set up a show stand for the S15 Owners Club. To do this we require 10 people minimum with cars to go on the stand. So far we have around 5, so half way there. All we need to do...
  2. Nissan_S15

    With permission I would like to promote the S15 owners club at The Fast Show!!!

    Hi everyone, As you may know Santa pod is hosting an upcoming event known as the Fast show on Sunday the 17th of March. I have posted all the details regarding this event within the events section and a few members have stated that they will be attending along with myself. Now, I recently...
  3. C

    Open Event: Track day - Curborough Sprint Course - Tues 13th Sept

    A friend of mine has booked Curborough Sprint Course for the day on Tuesdsay 13th September. Details The cost is £37.00 for the full day. It will be an open-pit lane type event, which means you can go on track as much as you please. As it is a sprint course, this means only 1 car is...
  4. vinnie

    Club JDM Summer Meet @ The Crooked Chimney

    Hey I took some pics of the event, the rain didn't really help. I did take some more but i can't upload them. Crap iPhone heh. Thanks again to Mark and Lu for organizing the event.
  5. C

    Open Event: Curborough Trackday - Thursday 16th June

    A friend of mine has booked Curborough Sprint Course for the day on Thurdsay 16th June. Details The cost is £55.00 for the full day. It will be an open-pit lane type event, which means you can go on track as much as you please. As it is a sprint course, this means only 1 car is allowed...
  6. lvaleiron

    Open Event: Drift Day in DR!

    Hey guys, wanted to share with you the last drift event we had in the Dominican Republic! Couldn't enter my car as is not ready yet! :p, nevertheless hope you enjoy it!
  7. J0R04N

    Open Event: Japfest Crashes :-)

    Appologies for the quality
  8. LuPix_S15

    Meet: Club JDM Summer Meet ~ Sun 5th June @ The Crooked Chimney

    Hey guys, Club JDM brings you it's first ever official Summer Meet!! I've spoken to Mark the manager at The Crooked Chimney pub in Lemsford which is near Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire and he's very much a car enthusiast himself and would like to welcome all friends and members of Club...
  9. Darren_S15

    Open Event: JAE 2011 - Wicksteed Park - 9th, 10th, 11th September

    FINAL PAYMENT DATE: Monday 22nd August This event is a little way off yet, but its one of the best in my opinion and as the tickets are on sale Im going to start organising it now. Booking is slightly different this year becasue if we get 10 cars we get one pitch for free (same space we had...
  10. Darren_S15

    Open Event: Japfest 2011 - Castle Combe Circuit - Saturday 14th May

    Ok so people are starting to ask about the club attending this event as a club so thought Id better start a thread. Ive never been to this event but always plan to attend. Its at Castle Combe Circuit (SN14 7EY) and is a one day event on Saturday 14th May website Ive read the club info on the...
  11. Marcus

    Open Event: Gatebil, Rudskogen Norway 8-10.7 (Main Event)

    Hi everyone! As you know, summer is coming in speed... So here is a event, that I like to have more S15's from this club :) Gatebil Festival in Rudskogen Norway (Summers MAIN EVENT) It is held at Rudskogen Motorcenter in Norway. (475km from Stockholm) Dates are 8-10.7.2011 so its from friday...
  12. Darren_S15

    My Club Status

    Ive not been on here for a while as Ive recently purchased a house and been pretty busy between that and work. So since when have I been given the official status of 'Club Event Organiser'? Craig...
  13. Larsz

    Meet: Japfest 2011

    Well as topic says it, are there any idea's about S15OC members going to this festival? From the Netherlands we have a whole club of cars joining up to ride towards this event. So far we have about 6 cars, 4 Skyline's and 2 S15's including mine. We hope to have atleast 20 as the list...
  14. T

    Open Event: Miss Banzai Tunnel run - 16th oct

    Anyone going to this?
  15. R

    Open Event: Plymouth Hoe Event Next Year

    Hi There, I'm Ross. I'm writing to S15OC to let you know about an Event on the Hoe Promenade next year in 2011. The Date Not Yet Confirmed The Event will be a show and shine Event were There will be Trade stands and more. Anyone who would like to attend please put your name down on this Thread...
  16. R

    Open Event: DWYB 14th July

    Anyone going to this? First event that I'll be attending this year! :eek: Hope I remember how to drive, then i stand a chance of remembering how to drift, otherwise... I better get the cable ties out :D
  17. K

    Open Event: JDM Allstars on Saturday at Donnington!

    :D Will I have the pleasure of seeing any of your s15's at this event? Mine isn't road legal yet so I won't be taking it-I will look out for some of you guys though-since i'm new to the forum and prob not met any of you yet!:wave: Check this out from the DW forum: Will be one to look out for I...
  18. J

    Open Event: Sleek fx in limerick 25 july

    just wanted 2 no if any body is interested in going sleek fx in limerick on the 25 of July
  19. zero260

    Meet: Northwest rolling road event

    Hope no one minds about me posting this up in here but our clubs having a Rolling Road event this Saturday the 19th and there are a few places still available if anyone would like to come. Even if you don't want to put your car on the rollers then come down for a brew or a burger as the butty...
  20. Auss15

    Open Event: NSCC at the World Time Attack Challenge Show and Shine

    The Nissan Sports Car Club was invited to participate in the Show n Shine day at Eastern Creek Race track, Sydney, on the 22nd May. 14 members arrived early with cars cleaned to within an inch of show room condition and equiped with our new club banner and flyers we set about capturing interest...