1. A

    Do you drive your S15 daily?

    Whenever I go to a garage or someone asks me about the car or anything, people always seem to ask how often I drive it. I say...everyday & they are always surprised. I feel like they know something I don't.. when I have mechanics being surprised I drive it daily it makes me wonder. I know these...
  2. J

    FS: Nissan Silvia Spec R full 3" custom exhaust system

    Please see pictures - this is a mint condition exhaust, removed from my S15 Spec R after only ~200 miles use. (The car suffered some front end damage and was moved on, new owner did not require the exhaust or wheels) This is a full 3" custom exhaust, made by Project Stainless (£850.00 new) so...
  3. Cess

    My trip to Japan

    I hadn't really planned a holiday this year and had been mulling over the idea of a visit to Japan for a long time. I'd always wanted to go and found the Driftworks video - Outsiders - a fascinating take on the country and the car culture. So, after a couple of phone calls with a mate and...
  4. Jay-pan

    FS: Solid engine mounts

    Being removed from my car tomorrow, not sure on make was told vibertechs will check and get pictures tomorrow. Cars only done 27k and these really make the car feel more responsive and gear changes great! Only engine mounts no gearbox mount. Offers £50?
  5. C

    WTB: S15 Spec R (preferably Aero), clean and as stock as possible.

    Hi all, Looking to buy my first spec R s15. Requirements as per the title! If you see any clean examples or are selling yourself, feel free to message me/reply to post. The lower the mileage the better. Many thanks, Chirag.
  6. Parky

    Changed clutch, pedal now stiff..?

    I swapped the OE clutch for an ACT HD organic yesterday as the Nissan one started to slip / stink, I was told it had roughly the same feel as an OE clutch, but after putting everything back together and giving the pedal a press it now feels really stiff and spongy. It's not a new clutch, it has...
  7. sniffy

    Z32/RB gearbox coversion question

    just wondering what diff people are runnning with it ? any runnig the standard diff with the conversion how does it feel i.e does the car feel slower.
  8. dave_t

    WTB: S15 6-Speed Short Shift

    Feel like going for a short shift on the S15, anyone have one for-sale?
  9. J

    some new pic's

    here a few recent pics. feel free to let me know your opions
  10. M

    Car feels sluggish after new clutch install WTF?*

    Had just got a New exedy organic Clutch and solid flywheel installed in the s15 6 speed pedal etc feels great but Feel sluggish as f**k than before with the stock clutch ??!! Any ideas ??? Mechanic said could be not dis-engaging properly causing it to feel like ass ...it's really pissing me...
  11. S

    Greetings from Surrey

    Hey guys Currently the proud owner of a 2008 Alfa Romeo 159 Ti, but will be getting a new job soon that doesn't require driving and i'm wanting something a bit more "me" ;) I was looking at 350z's which i quite like, but i think i want something a bit more exclusive :) always loved the look...
  12. Jay-pan

    Diff and drive shafts swap information

    Hi guys, I have got a 2 way Diff on my S15 but it isn't for me so going back to the original diff (If anyones interested in a swap + cash my way) Anyway I went to the garage just to have a full inspection to make sure every things okay, when he was checking he said there was quite a bit of...
  13. S

    Open Event: Southwest Autosport - 12th August 2012

    Feel free to have a nose at our website www.southwestautosport.com we are also on Facebook www.facebook.com/southwestautosport. We would really like to see your club there, tickets are £6.00 per person or £7 each on the day with £1 from all ticket sales on the day being donated to Cancer...
  14. P

    Hi from the Dominican Republic!!

    hi i introduce myself, my name is paul i live im from the dominican republica i bought my S15 from japan i drive a 2001 Silvia spec R 6-speed turbo, this car is my daily driven beauty:o. anyways im glad to join this forum and anything you need to ask feel free to ask (by the way escuse my...
  15. I

    Try this next time you drive your car...

    When in 5th gear at 100km/h (60mph), put your foot down on the clutch (hold it there), then push the lever into 5th gear to the end of it's travel ie keep pushing towards the dashboard. Can you feel a vibration through the gear lever? This feeling will increase as you increase in speed so at...
  16. JaseYpk

    ABS vs "Stamping the Pedal"

    Seems like its 'brake week' lol When heavy braking, and the abs kicking in, I always panic (i dislike the juddering feel of abs a lot) so release the brake and start stamping, which seems much more effective. But is it all in my head, or is ABS actually better than stamping your pedal fast and...
  17. Curryzz

    Will I notice any difference once my intercooler is fitted?

    Just wondering if I will actually feel any difference once my front mount is on, I'm on the understanding I need it mapped for the car to be running properly but everybody says a front mount is a great upgrade so will it increase bhp or feel quicker with just fitting it? Just wondering:)
  18. J

    WTB: s15 spec s or spec r wanted

    hi im looking for a s15 spec r or spec s.i have a subaru impreza p1 which i would swap or px. if you would like any info about the subaru feel free to ask or contact me on 07708316381 or by email foxj8@hotmail.com thanks
  19. R

    ReaperWorx Flocking @ www.reaperworx.com

    Hi We are flocking company based in the London area and we can do custom designs aswell as single color pieces aswell. Till the 30/08/2010 we have a introductory offer with 10% of our prices. Average Prices are as follows S15 Dashboard - £130. With discount £117 S15 Doorcards- £45...
  20. JaseYpk

    How Many S15's are in the UK?

    Just general curiosity as to date, i've never seen another one on the roads bar mine! I've seen the odd one or two a BDC last year. Does anyone have a rough idea how many are in the UK? It would make sense to have them all on this forum, but i know this will never be :( Makes me feel better to...