1. J

    FS: OS Giken STR2CD Twin plate clutch and flywheel - Brand new in box

    Selling this as i never got round to fitting it and am now looking to sell my car. The STR range by OS Giken are sold as having an OEM pedal feel while being able to handle 550-600hp Also includes the release bearing £1000 collected from...
  2. S

    FS: OS giken clutch, s15dials, aero catches, fog lights

    First up is a brand new set up aero bonnet catches, still in the packet with everything needed to fit, there £40new so ill do them for £30 delivered S15 front fog lights, basically brand new! Mint condition no damaged clips or brackets etc £30delivered Next is a used OS GIKEN single...
  3. S

    FS: Os giken 5speed close ratio gearbox

    Hi, i bought these from RB motorsport and now have changed project and are wanting to go for a 6 speed so i have on offer: a s14a Geabox with brand new OS Giken Close Ratio Gear Kit only done 1000miles (running in) and i also have OS Giken Twin plate cluch again only 1000 miles. please make me...
  4. H

    Transmission Options?

    Eventually I'm going with a bigger turbine, I'm aiming for around 500whp. Right now I have a TD06-20G and around 380whp. I'm basically at the breaking point of my transmission especially with some sticky tires on it. My question is, what is my best option to upgrade the transmission? Options...
  5. LuPix_S15

    Close Ratio Gearbox

    Ok folks :) I'm just purely asking this question out of interest as I know the prices will make most people feel queezy but in the long distant future, when I'm trying to get my Silvia more and more hardcore in terms of acceleration and response (not big power), is summat like a gearbox with...