1. S

    Cusco Zero-1. Too hard for daily or just badly set up?

    The S15 I bought recently had Cusco Zero-1 coilovers and it's really crashy. Very stiff and any little bump feels terrible. Could it be badly set up, or are these know to be very harsh, in which case what do people recommend for a daily driven S15? I'm suffering from top mount manifold...
  2. R

    Spec R Hellical Diff???

    My spec r skips the wheels when turning slowly like a welded diff but not as harsh... is this normal for a hellical diff? thanks
  3. pegliobaglio

    suspension bush kits

    Hi guys, A question for those of you who have refreshed your suspension. I want to try do a full refurb in the new year,am looking into bush kits atm,superpro are top of the list atm as they are brilliant quality and not as harsh on the road as other kits can be,but this comes at a price! Atm I...