1. B

    FS: C's S15 6-Speed Shifter & S15 OEM Rear Bumper (With Rare Heat Shield)

    S15 6-Speed C's short shifter available. Bought this from an Owners Club member, but ended up going 5-speed so I no longer have any use for it, unfortunately. Looks to be in good condition and will be a great upgrade for a 6-speed box. £200 inc P&P to UK mainland Also got a cheap OEM...
  2. S

    Exhaust manifold heat shield.

    I've had a bit of an issue with my exhaust manifold causing the paint to bubble on my bonnet and now I'm having the car fully resprayed would like to find a solution :love: Are there any exhaust heat shields available on the market? I've seen heat shields for the ABS system but need something...
  3. H

    lack of heat from Climate

    Im hoping to investigate this further this weekend but looking for some pointers really. my car has very little heat, it seems to blow air on all settings etc but it doesn't get that hot. after a while it does start to warm up in the cabin but not significantly, the oh so accurate gauge rises...
  4. oilman

    20% off Heatshield Products and Magnetic Gold Plugs

    Opies are pleased to announce that we will be running a very special offer for the whole of March on a couple of our very popular brands: Heatshield Products for thermal protection, and Gold Plugs magnetic oil drain plugs. You will be able to get a massive 20% discount on all products from these...
  5. B

    WTB: Wanted, standard exhaust manifold s15

    Hi, has anyone got a standard exhaust manifold for sale with heat shields, in desperate need of one, thanks
  6. dave_t

    FS: Genuine WELD Japan ABS Heat Shield - S14/S15 Fitment

    Item For Sale: Genuine WELD Japan ABS Heat Shield - S14/S15 Fitment (May Fit S13?) Description: Very Rare Item. Bought from a fellow S15OC member who had fitted it - but broke his car before the build was complete - so it never saw any road miles- the blue protective film is still present. Few...
  7. jake

    FS: Abs heat shield

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  8. Max

    FS: 2 x aftermarket sumps, replica Aero bumper, carbon heat shield

    Mini garage clearout to raise funds. Greddy replica cast aluminium SR20DET sump. Small leak from one of the through bolt holes. (the one with the red sealant on) Surely can be repaired easily. Sensor and valve not included, 4 x long allen bolts included. £35 posted Canton SR20DET sump. Amazing...
  9. oilman

    Heatshield Products NOW available at Opie Oils

    Opie Oils are pleased to announce the NEW and SCORCHING addition of Heatshield Products to the Opie Oils web site. Heatshield Products have been making the most complete line of products for thermal and acoustical insulation needs since 1985. They pride themselves on the quality and honesty...
  10. P

    heater hose question

    I noticed the factory heat wrap around one of the heater hoses has a rip in it and it's exposing about an inch of the rubber hose toward the turbo outlet dump pipe area(back of the engine). Will the heat have any effect in the hose? as it's approx 3-4" away. It's also making some contact with...
  11. S

    FS: Weld ABS heat shield for S14/S15

    I am changing my plans for heat shielding due my installation set up so I have for sale a Weld japan ABS heat shield for S14/S15. I a very nice bit of kit. http://translate.google.co.uk/transl...00%26bih%3D754 its new un-used... it was trail fitted and that's it. SOLD
  12. Fruitbooter

    Can someone check something for me on your own S15

    After going for a decent drive (30min plus) normal driving and braking, can you see how hot your rear hubs get? (Just hand touch the top of the hub through your wheel) My driver side has been getting rather hot lately and I don't know if its normal because of the weather and heat here in the UK...
  13. oilman

    The Advantages of Synthetic Oils over Mineral oils

    The Advantages of Synthetic Oils over Mineral oils Extended oil drain periods Better wear protection and therefore extended engine life Most synthetics give better MPG They flow better when cold and are more thermally stable when hot Surface-active meaning a thin layer of oil on the surfaces...
  14. S

    Real bad heat soak

    hi lately car has been feeling more n more sluggish I believe it's heat soak and it's pissing me off alot. I have the autobahn88 front mount and after driving it's pretty hot so I'm assuming its not cooling the engine quick enough? My thoughts are buyin a turbo blanket that's all I could think...
  15. fez06

    FS: S14 flexi downpipe S/S 3"

    As above 3" stainless steel with flexi. In good condition just tarnished from the heat. Located in Sheffield near meadowhall. £60
  16. dave_t

    Engine Cooling - Cooler Temperature Thermostat?

    Heading to the Nurburgring in May and i'm in the middle of prepping the S15. With just the usual bolt on's, with the standard turbo: Tomei Manifold (Heat Wrapped) Tomei Elbow (Heat Wrapped) Blitz Downpipe (Heat Wrapped) Tanabe Hyper Medalion HDI GT2 FMIC Apex Intake Pipe Apexi Filter Apexi...
  17. S

    Hks turbo suction funnel

    http://www.driftworks.com/shop/hks-suction-funnel-turbo-inlet.html Am interested in this product, has anyone used or given good feedback ffrom it. Obviously more air is good for engine but not all air is good what if it pulls heat and dust etc?
  18. Havoc


    Anyone got any genius or special way at removing this stuff?? Obvs been doin the usual way of heat gun and scraper.... Any help be great!
  19. Fasthands

    WTB: Heat shield

    I want a heat shield that protects the fuel tank must be in good condition.. anyone got one?
  20. L

    Got me some new wheels!

    Shameless copy & paste of my post on SXOC, sorry! :p Replaced the bronzey 17" CrKai's with some 18" GTR's and GTR-D's :D I've a good bit of poke in the rear but she's only rubbing on big bumps, and it's only the inner lip of the arch that's rubbing, so I'd say I'll hammer it up. Guessing I...