1. M

    WTB: Spec s A pillar trim and some other interior bits

    Looking for a spec a A pillar trim without gauge, or a part number. Also one of the three clips that holds the headlining up at the back to the roof. Door handle pull surround for passenger side also. Thanks.
  2. S15AK

    Body panel plastic bolt (holds bumper to wing)

    Hi Guys Not sure how to explain it, but is the plastic bolt that slots into the front part of the wing and is what holds the corner of the bumper on. Pic below. The tread is knackered (screw fell out) so need a new one but haven't a clue where to get one. Would Nissan be a good start, or are...
  3. S

    WTB: Drivers side switch holder

    I'm not sure the exact name of the part is called, but its the long plastic piece that holds the window switches and the mirror switches. If you have a spare, please let me know.
  4. J

    WTB: few bits and bobs wanted :)

    hi im after a few bits :) n/s and o/s front wings - any colour but preferbly blue the peice near the gear stick which holds the gaitor. boost solenoid (i have a gizzmo boost controller) think thats it at the moment :cool:
  5. C

    FS: Subframe locking collars

    Apex Perfrormance sbuframe locking collars - link They are used but in VGC - about a year old now. These eliminate any play in your rubber subframe bushes and lock the subframe solid to the underside of your car. Reduces axle tramp and holds everything together as it should be. Dead easy...
  6. A

    Urgent: Part Number Assistance

    Just realised that I am missing the front S shaped metal bracket that holds the front brake pads in and also the small wire rod that holds the bracket and the two large pins in for the front brake pads, does anyone know the part number for these two items so that I can order it from Nissan...
  7. S

    WTB: Needing a few bits

    Right wondering if anyone can lend a hand before i resort to going to nissan im needing a headlight bar/bumper support and a gear gaiter clip (the bit of plastic with the clips that holds tha gaiter in) as mines has a broken tooth annd keeps falling off :mad: Cheers Ian
  8. J

    Meshing front bumper

    Just need your opinions - I'm using simple black-plastic mesh to mesh my front bumper (no FMIC for me, got a ?300 vets bill yesterday :( ) How would you fix the mesh to the bumper? My plan at the moment is to use no-nails on the back of the bumper where it's not visible. I've done this before...