1. S

    WTB: Rear Lights

    Anyone selling OEM rear lights or the red and clear 50:50 ones? need to change the horrible lexus style lights on mine
  2. Surfing Boris

    Dash cam

    Not sure if this is the right section for this post or not but I want to get a dash cam but having never bought one I am looking for advice as to what to look for or if anyone knows a good one to buy. They seem to be a great idea for the off chance the horrible happens and you've done nothing...
  3. B

    S15 specialist in Surrey?

    Evening all, as per title, any specialist in the area or not too far out? Need my clutch check out.. Makes a horrible grinding noise sometimes when fully depressed... Happens now and then... :( Cheers.
  4. DeanS15

    rear fog lights

    does anyone know if there is a way or a guide to converting one of the reverse lights or brake lights into a fog? i only ask as mine has a horrible box hanging down from under the rear bumper that has to go asap:)
  5. J

    Extra horse power

    Just installed this last night - how many extra horses do you think i've freed-up?! :rolleyes: It's cheap and cheerful but certainly better that the horrible grey-plastic standard thing. I stand by my judgement! :thumbs: