1. Sender

    FS: Alloys Impul M20 Centralock 18"x10" ET20

    Hi Guys, I've got for sale set of four Impul M20 Centralock alloys. All off them are 18x10 ET20. They are centralocks with adapter for 5x114,3mm. Here are couple pics how they look on R32 GTR and Evo X. Alloys are located in Warsaw Price 1300£ + shipping
  2. ArTo

    WTB: WTB Rear Bumper

    WTB Rear Bumper or Addon Hey, iam looking for a good rear bumper that I Like. First favourite is the Garage IMPUL but no chance to get it. Maybe you have some left?
  3. S

    WTB: Pearl white front bumper (stock spec r or aero) buy/swap?

    Im after a stock pearl white front bumper, Have cash or will swap for my Garage Impul front bumper if you like. Only wanting stock bumper as I want to go lower and dont want to smash the impul bumper to smithereens Heres a pic of the Impul bumper if interested
  4. Benne

    FS: S15 Impul Hi-Power Control Unit

    I´m selling my Impul ECU. What it does: (have a look @ the prices :eek: ) my price: ~250 british pounds / 370 US Dollars or: 150 brit. pounds / 220 Dollars if you sent me your Stock S15 Spec-R ECU (i need one without NATS!) greetz, Benne
  5. Benne

    Convert an Impul Hi-Power Control Unit into Nistune??

    Today i removed the ECU from its place to install the arrived Nistune Board. What do i see? An Impul Hi-Power Control Unit :eek: Is there a way to flash it? Maybe with the Nistune Software? If not, is it possible to remove the Impul daughter board and then install the Nistune Typ4 daughter...
  6. subzero

    Hello from Ireland - pics of my s15 spec r included

    Garage Impul s15 - Subzero hey, the names john and im from limerick in ireland. big into my jap motors, previously owned a 1.6 cyborg mirage, but finally got my s15 from japland and am delighted. its a genuine impul tuning demo car which i bought directly from auction. heres a few pics.