1. natune

    Axle Stands and jacking points

    hey everyone :D this is probally abit of a lame one, but im planning on fitting my new sparkly brakes at the weekend (pics will follow :cool:).. so i was going to get 2 axle stands to keep the front up to whilst i do it. but my simple question is, where do i put the axle stands, and where do i...
  2. Fruitbooter

    Quick question about jacking the s15 up

    Earlier today I was working on the car and I jacked it up by the diff and put it in reverse and thought nothing more... Now though I can't help but think how it worked...as I'm used to fwd cars this is why I put it in reverse when raising the rear but now I'm thinking as it's rwd surly the...
  3. J

    diff question

    im not 100% sure what diff is in the s15 a 1.5way or 2way .i have heard there is a way of checking it by jacking the car up or something...??all help app thanks in advance
  4. sushiming

    Changing S15 Front Brake Pads

    I need to replace them so i thought i would be nice and sort out a brake pad changing write up at the same time for the people that havent done it before so here we go...... Tools you will need Jack, Screwdriver flat bed one, clamp, copper grease, First un do the wheel nuts before jacking up...