1. G

    Open Event: My S15 Time Attack Adventure

    This year was a Time Attack galore for a small team of S15 owners from Pitworks in Malaysia. I have captured this experience in my blog and hopefully this will rub off some excitement over to those who are contemplating going down the track with your car. Enjoy! :nod: Competitive Track...
  2. S

    Meet: Brisbane Jan 2011 Meet

    Hi all, So I am attempting to see if anyone is keen for a meet. I noticed that there is a big charity cruise on the 29th Jan being organised by Nissan Silvia so I thought maybe we could all attend this as a group? http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=473012& Anyway let me...
  3. Nicely

    Anyone got a Jan 1999 JDM Spec R?

    If you've got a early Jan 1999 JDM Spec R (chassis number under 001000ish), please PM my. Need you to check something. :)