1. 3

    Hey guys im new

    Hey guys I'm new Names louie I've got a pearl white silvia s15 its a bit of a sleeper, I'd up load photos but i don't really know how to any tips??
  2. S

    Malware warning?

    Not sure if this is the right place, but when I installed Opera this evening to have a mess about I got the following warning when trying to load the forums.
  3. vinnie

    FS: Oem Pewter Spoiler

    As the title says, got the brake light and been freshly painted. Reason for sale. Going for BGW ^_^ Price £100 but open too offers. Will up load pics tomorrow once I get some sleep.
  4. Parky

    Went on a photoshoot, lots of quality pics

    A local lad from 6Eleven Photography came out with his Canon 1D lastnight and snapped a load of pics at various locations in Poole, Dorset. https://www.facebook.com/6elevenPhotography
  5. ArTo

    WTB: Rear right Fender / Door

    Hey guys, anyone could help me? Iam looking for a rear right fender complete, I cant get this in europe (NL, GER) Rear Fender - 7811285F30 Maybe someone have connection in UK to get this new? If someone breaking S15, that would be also an opinion. From Japan I have to load in container...
  6. S

    Car wont rev over 6000rpm under load

    Having a niggly problem with my s15 where I cant get over 6k rpm under load. Car gets to around 6k then misfires/feels like it hitting limiter. It then wont rev up for a few seconds after. Any ideas? I've gapped plugs to 0.7mm, tried different coilpacks, checked for boost leaks etc. Going to...
  7. matt1966

    my S15 SPEC S AERO.....

    HOW THE HELL DO YOU load photos ...lol
  8. Nicely

    S15 Owners Club forum for mobile browsers!

    For those of you like me who browse the Net and forum using their mobile phone, you'll be pleased to learn that there is now a mobile version! It should automatically load when you access the forum via any modern mobile browser. Of course, the option is available to change to the full site if...
  9. Curryzz

    Car starts to judder under load

    fixed Paul
  10. P

    wheels choose

    I going to upgrade the wheels on my silv shortly as the stand 15 inch items on the spec s are awful, relly let the car down but great fun as there is such low level of grip. anyhow has anyone seen a s15 with a set of ultralitees 941 spec wheels. i like em and seen load of em on wrx's but wounder...
  11. M

    Bigger alternator or bigger battery?

    Hi all, I've fitted a larger electric fan for my intercooler project, it works well but the problem is that it draws around 20 amps at max load. This seems to place some load on my car's charging system, with lights dimming momentarily when the fan kicks in. I measured across the batt...