1. JDM_virgin

    Oil Catch Tank Drain Plug

    This weekend I am going to plumb in my oil catch tank however I want to make it open loop. Does anyone know if there is an oil return lug in the block or sump of the sr20's for the OCC to drain into and if so where is it located? I dont like the idea of running a closed loop setup as I dont...
  2. Krish

    Earth issues

    Got the dreaded hum coming through the stereo and my HID flicker occasionally. Also one bulb doesn't always come back on after flicking to main beam. I Looked at the earth points can't see any corrosion etc. Seen those ground loop stabilisers but not too sure if it will help?
  3. W

    all members in the USA raise your hands!

    lets get a thread going about the folks in the USA that have S15's post up a pic of your ride your build sheet and any problems you hve run into since you have had the car. i would start, BUT i'm in Japan LOL. im trying to find a loop hole to get mine home once again.. (by once again, i mean...