1. S

    S14/15 rear hub needed super urgent to bring to japshow

    Can any one help?????? If you got one please bring to japshow You will find me on the Japanese performance magazine stand Cash waiting!!!!
  2. Mike

    1987 Vogue Advert

    A friend tagged me in this on stalkbook its from a 1987 copy of Vogue Magazine. Made i chuckle.:D
  3. ChrisKnottIns

    From Chris Knott Insurance - I'd like to ask a favour please........

    Hi, Could I ask a favour please? Would you take a look at this second edition of our interactive, online magazine and let us know what you think by completing the feedback form on the last page. We value your opinion and if you leave feedback I’ll make sure you’re entered into the draw to WIN...
  4. ChrisKnottIns

    Guess which car club forum features in our new online magazine

    For the answer, check out this quarter’s edition of Cover Story - our FREE interactive magazine at Cover Story is a quick read, packed with car news and information from around the UK, PLUS insider hints and tips from the club’s...
  5. T

    tripleJs15 Import Tuner Article

    Have a read, better than trying to find the magazine: Thanks.
  6. Miss S15

    Slickmag meets Irish members of S15OC?

    Firsly I hope this is ok with admin that I put this up,if its not please feel free to take it down! Right I've been offically instated as part of the Slick mag team,I'm in charge of the Slick meets part of the magazine. If anyone is wondering Slick is an irish based car magazine. I was...
  7. I

    PCOTY - Article where the S15 won - does anyone have it?

    Hey Guys does anyone have or know where to find the PCOTY article where the S15 won (it beat a porche and some other various hipo machinery). I believe the magazine may have been MOTOR Magazine? It would have been back in 2001.
  8. Nicely

    Japanese Performance Article

    Some of you may remember me mentioning taking my car for a magazine photo shoot a couple of months back. The article in Japanese Performance magazine has come out this month. Its a sort of new buyer's profile on the S14 and S15 (from the UK perspective). As most of the people on here aren't UK...