1. Rich

    What BHP Should I Expect?

    Hi, brief spec of the car as follows:- - Tomei manifold and elbow - FMIC - Walbro 255 - Superspark coil packs - Gizzmo boost controller running 1-1.2 BAR - Nistune mapped by Greg @ Protuner - Full 3" exhaust system with decat - Blitz induction kit Stock MAF, fuel pressure regulator and...
  2. Jordan

    How much is an s15 powerFC worth?

    Contemplating selling mine, it's hasn't been installed on my car yet or been mapped, has the new hand controller too. What cash would I expect to see for it on here?
  3. D

    French S15 owner

    Hi everyone, I'm Nicolas, owner of the company DriftShop (we run a professional tuning shop and online store ). I own an 86 and an S15 and that why I'm here :D Here it is : I'm currently rebuilding it, that its current state, more or less : Full weld-in cage designed and...
  4. J0R04N

    WTB: X4 Nismo or equivalent injectors (for up to 400bhp) and Z32 MAF

    After the above so I can get my car mapped :) Cash waiting as always :)
  5. crazymat666

    What EBC to get?

    Right guys I got my insurance through soon and once that's all sorted I'm lookin into getting a electric boost controller and getting it mapped but I don't want to spend stupid amounts on one and I don't want to be too cheap either so what do you guys recommend ? Cheers :)
  6. adz87kc

    Boost gremlin :s

    Evening all, Last few days my car hasn't been running at its best. The other day it boosted to 20.6psi and tonight on the way home it spiked twice to just above 19psi. I checked the boost controller (profec b spec II) and all the setting are as they were when i had the car mapped but aside from...
  7. S

    FS: my pewter s15 up for grabs!

    right lads due to cash issues im going to have to let this slide.... im absolutely DEVASTED!!! ive wanted one for years and now i have one ive to ideally looking a cash sale so i can down grade to something uber cheap but may px for a type r 98spec teg or an ek9 ONLY!! here is the...
  8. S

    Noob from dublin ireland!

    well guys just new to the site, ive heard many good things about it from some forum members, heres my s15, i look forward to chatting to you all!! heres the spec and some pics!:thumbs: apexi power fc mapped for 95 apexi avcr mapped to 1.0 and 1.2 bar fmic with hard piping blitz suspower filter...
  9. adz87kc

    Got mapped today

    Hey guys, got silvia mapped today :) Had the standard ecu socketed using a Nistune solution. Car has basic bolt ons: tubular manifold elbow downpipe decat fujitsubo catback apexi intake apex fmic profec b ebc horsham recirc bov 255 lph fuel pump It achieved 305bhp and 325ft lb of torque...
  10. D

    need some info on a greddy ecu

    hey anybody have a greddy e-manage blue controller.. if so does anybody know where i would be able to get it mapped because i know that some makes of ecu cannot be mapped in ireland..
  11. simon

    supercharged altezza for s15?

    i've been offered a supercharged tezza as a straight swap for my s15, can't decide whether to go for it, but i'm really tempted. it looks like a job done well, mapped by a reputable tuner, but value-wise it's very hard to gauge, anyone offer any advice? cheers...
  12. K

    Tomei ECUs

    Anyone know much about these? Where can you get these mapped?
  13. M

    Power FC Finally Mapped

    Well Ive finally got the PFC mapped and Ive fallen in love with my car all over again. Its back to scaring me, which is how I like it. Had a play with a rather smokey R32 Skyline on the motorway on the way home and I was just driving away from him even just leaving it in 6th. One negative side...