1. S

    Engine bay paint for WK0 S15

    Does anyone one know what paint Nissan used for engine bay in WK0 painted S15's? looking to touch up the engine bay in mine but struggling to get a match. order a couple of shades of WK0 base coat but nothing seems to match. anyone used anything that gives a half decent match?
  2. L

    Interior Trim OEM colour codes??

    Hi guys, Does anyone know what the paint code is for the gunmetal on the interior door handles, stock gear knob and inserts in the steering wheel? (I know the gaiter surround is rover steel grey) I'm going to match the window switch surrounds and a few other bits, tried before but the colour...
  3. L

    Best anti roll bars?

    Hi guys, I'm going to be getting new arb's this month and would just like to some advice on which brand to get? I've got a few cusco parts on now so I'm leaning towards those just so they match but are the whiteline or other brands better? Also which brand drop links are best? Thanks, Leo...
  4. sibbers

    Speedo dials... anyone know how to make them?

    I'm totally used to driving around using kph now, in fact it makes way more sense to me than mph which is something I'd never expected... I can completely imagine how far a few km's are whereas after all this time of driving I still can't properly imagine how far miles are. Trouble is we are...
  5. C

    Hello from Somerset :)

    Hey guys. So my name is Sam, I'm 20, currently Drive an EP3 Type R. Im looking at getting an S15 about match time next year. Who's got a few hours to spare to chat about S15's? ;) Thanks in advance. Sam
  6. A

    WTB: pearl white bonnet bumper and passenger wing needed

    as the title says, i am looking for a front bumper, a bonnet and a passenger wing in pearl white in good condition. struggling to get a good match and hopeful that buying used parts they will match up fine.....message me here or text/call me on 07539072920 if you have these parts in pearl white...
  7. LeeSpecR

    Pewter touch up stick? Such a thing available?

    Good day all. im looking to buy a touch up set for my car,I've not been tto nissan yet as the weather has been crap and my car will not be going out in wet roads. has anyone brought one or can help me find one.i prefer a genuine job as it will a better match (I hope). cheers lee
  8. Feast Japan

    SR20 E-Manage Experimenting

    Just wondering if anyone has tried this air/fuel sub-computer? New unit came in the other day and will set it up next week to match the mods on the car now. Up until now a Mine's VX-ROM with fuel enrichment (AFC) was used. And its not exactly super
  9. JaseYpk

    S14 & S15 interchangeable seats?

    Is the rear bench from the s14 interchangeable with the s15? They look the same in photos, but I havent tried to swap physically yet.. I'm thinking of getting the leather back seats from the S14 to match my front ones better than the blue fabric ones in the 15 :) ta
  10. C1TPT

    Presents fitted

    Hi guys, I managed to fit a couple of my xmas prezies so thought I would stick some pics up to see what you thought Heres the engine bay first, painted and fitted the strut brace. I also painted my rocker cover and battery to match! Ive got a chrome fuse box cover to put on but im not 100%...
  11. DeanS15

    a massive thanks to Matt_S

    Just a quick one to say thanks to Matt for dropping me off a spoilerless bootlid yesterday and being a generally decent bloke:thumbs:, it cleaned up a treat, was a really good colour match and i've got it fitted already. and now i commence to shamelessly whore it for peoples approval LOL:).
  12. C

    hi all

    been meaning to join with ages great site,full of info.i know a good few of the cars and a few faces from track days no names to match yet:D
  13. Miss S15

    My S15

    Well folks,I got this yesterday :) 02 spec r s15 Peralesent white with place graphics(which Im thinking of removing) 18'' bronze wroks alloys i thinkmhave to take a closer look :) Upgraded brakes Lowered 40mm Kitted,what kit I'm not sure Rear carbon Fibre spolier 4'' exhaust Interor: 2...
  14. D

    S 15 lightbulbs

    Hi, i recently bought an s15 and one of the lightbulbs is out and can't get a bulb to match the original bulbs. does anybody know where i can get a set...?
  15. LuPix_S15

    Blue Paint

    Hello :) Just caught the bottom of the front lip on a kerb the other day... :mad: Only small scratch so no need for expensive paint jobs etc. Anyone know what's the best match for the Silvia blue paint colour is should I go to Halfrauds for a cheap touch-up paint stick or alike? Thanks...
  16. Yakozan

    Greddy electronic gauge. Very stock looking.

    Just found this on Greddy USAs website :) This should be the closest gauge there is if going for the stock look. No warning or peak hold though. But very close match to stock gauge.