1. J

    Scraping Noise from front passenger side

    When out driving yesterday I noticed I could hear a scraping sound coming from my front passenger side wheel, this noise disappears under braking but starts again as I come off the brake. I really do apologise if this is a silly question but would that suggest that the rota needs replacing? The...
  2. I

    FS: Bigger EBC yellowstuff pads

    I have a set of bigger EBC yellowstuff pads to sell, to be used with 315/330/345 brake kits using nissan calipers, they have more than 50% life left in them. Pads were used with the 315mm discs and have a slight lip because they overhang the discs by 1mm or so. They have done 4 trackdays + 5...
  3. pegliobaglio

    FS: Z32/skyline blue stuff rear pads

    Bought a rear brake set up and these pads came with it, I don't do track days so probably be a bit overkill for what I want. Basically brand new , one pad looks slightly damaged at the edge. £50 posted in the uk Damaged pad
  4. paddyb01

    rear pads help

    lookin to get new rear pads for the 15 lookin at a set of red stuff pad but it says there for a s14 are the rear pads the same as the 15?
  5. S

    Disadvantage of having Brembo?

    Since I have R34 GTR brembo calipers sitting in my room for half a year i wonder if it's worth putting it along with discs, lines, rear Z32 or R32 conversion and master cylinder... she's putting around 200kw atw... i think it might be ok with just brake pad change for ocassion track use but...
  6. J

    I Need Part Number

    Any one of you can provide me part number for my S15 auto? The oem rear brake pad and fuel filter. Thanks Guys :)
  7. A

    Brake Pad Plate & Spring

    Just wondering if anyone has the part number for the front caliper brake pad holding metal plate + spring.... I think I may have misplaced it when changing my brake pads, the piece of metal which the two rods hold down along with a small wire/spring..... I'm hoping I will be able to get some...
  8. raytsang

    need a cure for squeeky brakes.

    right, Just lately the cars had a case of squeeky brakes... while braking gentlely in the rain and dry. can see any problems with the brakes plenty of pad on it front and back. dont have and squeeking when i brake hard.. would i need now brake pad, disc. or could it be a loose bolt.. ...
  9. I

    New front brake pads - urgent !

    Ok - I'm off to Manfield Raceway on Friday (14 hour return trip!!!) for some spirited driving but I'm considering a pad change before the day. I believe my front pads are standard at the moment (S15 specR), and the rears have EBC Blacks. Any recommendations for the fronts? EBC Greens were on...