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    FS: FS: Panasonic CQ-DVR909N DVD AV System

    I'm selling my used and in excellent condition Panasonic CQ-DVR909N DVD AV System with up to 6 channel Dolby surround playback capability. Features: Removable Full Front High Power DVD Player RDS Receiver with Changer Control MOSFET 4 x 45W Super bright multi colour display Remote Control 5v...
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    baynz's pearl spec R

    I've been meaning to do this since i had the car in may, so here goes. i ordered the car back in january, and after just missing a boat, then the prep work in the u.k. (m.o.t. sva etc etc) i picked her up on the 19th of may, a very long wait but definately worth it. when i first had the car...