1. S15AK

    Phuket - white s15

    Long shot proably, but arrived in Phuket last night and on the way to the hotel a nice white aero s15 went past us. Looked very nice.. Not sure if we have any owners from Phuket on here?
  2. S15AK


    Hi Guys, I reckon my 5 year old DB power rad is on its way out, so looking to upgrade it. Recommendations please? I'm thinking Koyo but open what other people have used in the past..
  3. T

    Dealings with Japspeed

    Well I am thinking to use this crowd for my front mount intercooler and my braided turbolines i see the name Japspeed pop up alot lately so just wondering how good are the parts they sell and has anybody dealt with them in the past
  4. Tom VWJ

    Red/ Orangey S15 in Northampton (maybe Vertex Kit) by Carlsberg

    Tuesday 16/07/2014 - Spotting driving past Carlsberg factory at about 11:30pm-ish
  5. M

    newbie from kent

    Hi I am Mark from kent Ive had a few s bodies in the past being s14 and s14a looking to get a track daily:)

    Insurance ... :/

    I'm looking for insurance for my S15 now. It not my everyday car and I probably won't do much more than 1000miles a year in it. For once im going to look after the car . I trash most cars I own in the past. Who do you guys use ? I want a good company that do limited mileage
  7. C

    Hi All

    Hi all my name is craig, I'm looking at buying a spec r in the near future as i need something turbo in my life again and the S15 look awesome. I've owned a Nissan Pulsar GTi-R and an Evo 4 both great cars and i'm currently driving a honda integra DC-5 in arctic blue, so far the best car i've...
  8. S

    hello from surrey

    happy christmas eve :) thought i best introduce myself ive been on here a few months as i was building an s13.5 but after some seriously thinking i purchased sx-si's s15 shell and have set about rb25'ing it :cool: owned as s13 for the past two years and loved it but now its time to go all out...
  9. W

    Hi guys, Need some advice!

    Just currently looking into purchasing an S15. What are the things to look out for? There are a fair few on autotrader which catch my eye.. But I've had some problems buying cars in the past and don't want to run the risk of buying a ringer!
  10. T

    FS: Nismo S tunes

    As above, came off my S15 all in working order, no idea on age, working condition is spot on, and externally they look much better than some I have seen forsale in the past. Testing the water on these really, so I'll stick some pictures up at a later date. I'd Like £350 shipped to mainland...
  11. NICKO

    Wheels offset and width

    Im after some new 18" wheels for my S15 and was wondering what offset and width can I get away with, Ive got chargespeed front wings and rear quarters so ive got a bit more room than standard but dont want the wheels coming past the arch as when I pull onto my crappy drive my current rear wheel...
  12. B

    New Kid from Colorado, US

    To start off, i dont own an S15...but i am in love with them and swore to myself that i would own one at some point in my life. I'm on this forum because i want to know everything about the S15 and importing (legal and illegal) and just gawk at everyone's S15's. Everyone on here who owns one is...
  13. L


    Hey, just thought I'd say hello :wave: Been lurking about a bit but was never an owner so never joined! Fortunately Trial_S15 is selling me his, so I'll no doubt be in here regularly trying to educate myself further! Have been driving an EK Civic for the past 3 years (don't hate me, they're...
  14. sliding-r

    Getting my Car mapped soon need some advise!

    Hi Guys, Few quetions: 1. Z32 AFM is this neccessary to achieve 310-320 HP on my stock tubby and injectors? 2. Stock Dumpvalve mod? i have heard abot it but havent found much info on the mod to block the pin hole that causes leaks past a bar. 3. Colder plugs- can i get a part...
  15. D

    My S15 Build

    Hey fellas, This is my Nissan Silvia S15. After going through many many trail and error, and spending/selling more then i needed to on my previous ride, i decided that this 15 should only get only the best of the best parts, etc. Do it once, do it right! All parts on this car is genuine, from...
  16. B

    Hey from new mexico

    hi everyone, i thought i would post here to introduce my self. my name is xavior i live in new mexico here in the usa. i'm 23 and i'm a big nissan fan. i love working on cars. i've worked on anything from honda's/acura's to toyota's, nissans, even hyundai's. i have had a few silvias in the past...
  17. naha_music

    Newbie in Japan

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. My name is Thomas and just recently returned back to Kanagawa, Japan, for the 3rd time. I've never owned an S15, but hopefully that will change in the near future. I've always been a Silvia enthusiast, as I've owned an S12, S13...
  18. sushiming

    its gone and the end to my era.....

    guys its gone just this afternoon its heading its way to N Ireland....... its been a good ride for me for the past 3yrs or so and hoping the new owner will look after it too..... heres the last two pics i took...
  19. S

    another one..

    hi guys, new member here :wave: go easy on me :thumbs: i think i know a few ppl here from other forums, i used to have an s14a for the past couple years and now own a black beast