1. Lil SpecR

    White with ducktail m6 yesterday...

    As above on m6 yesterday crawing along up to j7/8 thanks to another crash -_- Think reg ended in NER? Couldnt quite see you were on lane 1 and i was in 4 and people kept getting in my way haha. Stickers on back window... hello anyway if you're here!
  2. S


    What are the exhaust systems that people using? Any links to the videos?
  3. B

    WTB: Spec-R Wanted

    Looking to own my first Spec-R in the near future, I've been keeping an eye on here, SXOC, eBay, Pistonheads and the usual outlets to no avail. I've most recently been browsing the Japanese auctions in the hope of finding something a little 'different' out there. Interested to know what people...
  4. R

    Hello newbe project 15 :)

    Hi and hello there names Ricky and I'm 24 imported my s15 not so long ago and happy to have found a forum/owners club as not many people with say car about local to me. Always wanted an s15 when I was younger and now at 24 have one of my dream cars, very big car enthusiast from a young age...
  5. M

    S14/S15 Ganadors

    Does anyone know if they are interchangeable? I've read people say they are the same, and some people say they are different. Also, if anyone has a set they want to sell, let me know!
  6. Unberivable

    Oils and fluids

    I plan on doing a flush of my fluids on my jdm spec R s15, just wondering what people are running so i get an idea of whats good to use for my car. I'm doing a bit of research on whats best. For gearbox some people think syntrans or motul gear300 75w-90. engine: Penrite 10w40 gearbox: ? Diff: ...
  7. jake

    WTB: S15 shell

    Hey guys I'm after an s15 rolling shell for one of my friends who want to put and rb in to it Would like it to have glass and interior If people could get back to me ASAP thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. H

    Headlight bulb confusion

    My car supposedly came with factory HIDs (car is currently locked away so cannot check at the moment) so does my car use HID bulbs like this: but i have seen some people say they are just normal Halogen bulbs like this (in which case my understanding is they aren't HIDs)
  9. F

    S15 speedo conversion

    I've cut the signal wire and wired the convertor in, where do people get there live feed and there earth from? Thanks
  10. Lil SpecR

    Show me your dash/audio setups!! =)

    Hi all Before I go getting some double din unit for my S15 I wanted to see what other people had set up in their S15s? So please show me your centre dash, whether its single or double din, some computer wizardy system or filled with engine management gadgets! I just want to get some inspiration...
  11. T

    Forging a s15 sr20det

    I want to forge my s15 so I can put a bigger turbo and cams Ect , I was just wondering what kits people have bought and where from and how much it was . Thanks .
  12. shelb

    S15 optional parts catalogue (optional extras book)

    I picked this up a couple months ago and thought some people on here may be interested in seeing it. It also has all the different radio options and stuff
  13. jake

    S15 engine removle

    Next week I have 5 days off work planing on removing the engine and changeling all the gaskets the putting it back in this time How meany hours would people give for all this work so I know if it do able in 5 day thanx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. C

    WTB: Everything 😜

    Started a build and thought it would be great o start at the source (s15 forum makes sense) i i have a build thread on the welcome page but have to kick start with a few posts to get started but anything that people have spare laying around that I need I thought I'd start a wanted thread so...
  15. fez06

    geometry settings?

    Going to do a quick geometry set up tomorrow as it feels all over at high speeds and iv never done it what setting do people have? Iv not got adjustable arms yet so will just be adjusting it on the offset stock bolts
  16. Jaydej

    Bee R limiter

    Hey people just found out about theese things what are the pro's and con's for use on a circuit or sprint?
  17. Cess

    Open Event: JapFest 2 - Donington Park, 17th Aug 2014

    Has anyone been or plan to go to JapFest 2 at Donington? Looking for views on the event and what people have thought about it in the past. Thanks
  18. Lloyd_SR20

    FS: Japspeed S15 rear adjustable Camber Arms *Group Buy*

    I am starting a group buy for S15 adjustable rear camber arms. we need a MINIMUM of 5 people. these retail at £125. if we get 5 people for these they can be got for £100, cheap for a set of rear camber arms. this INCLUDES shipping to Republic of Ireland & UK from my door. Please place...
  19. Jaydej

    Tow hooks where???

    Hello people I got my first track day coming up and I realised I can't see any two hooks or eyes anybody know if there is any and where they are?
  20. R

    Metal Intake Pipe

    Hi guys, Looking to get a metal intake pipe for my S15, noticed a few people here using them. Am I right in assuming most people just get them fabricated? Or is there an actual supplier? Any help would be great, Thanks :)