1. Naz

    Hi from Perth Australia~

    Hey guys! This is my baby, 2002 200SX Spec R GT. I've wanted an s15 for the longest time and she's the first car I've had because I wasn't happy with anything less. I just bought her in December from a guy who had her for the last 7 years, and kept her in mint condition. :D I'm stoked with the...
  2. S

    hi......2002 spec r in perth wa

    hi ....... good site i stumbled on :thumbs: had the silvia for a month now and loving it ...:cool: just returned back to perth after living in torquay (uk) so its all new over here to me anyways...... the car , 2002 spec r gt blue outside is all standard inc wheels inside needs a new gear...
  3. K

    WTB: torque engine damper

    looking for one shipped to perth australia 6210
  4. U

    s15 owner from Perth, Western australia

    hya everyone. my names sam (rushy) i live in perth australia, an iv have just bought myself a 2001 s15 heres a link to my build thread
  5. Q

    heLLO DriFterZ all OvA the WorlD

    :wave:helo people ...:wave: First of all a wise decision on owning an S15, i own one for over 2 years now.. my name is Daniel from Western Australia Perth this is my Black S15 with basic bolt on stuff making 197kw pics more pics up soon
  6. B

    You tube - Perth S15's

    Not a bad collection of machines:
  7. K

    Perth S15 The first forum dedicated to S15's in Perth, Western Australia.
  8. K


    Hi, I'm kenjiyuki from Good to see a world wide owners club of my favourite car :) I'm from Perth, Western Australia.