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    Michelin Pilot sport 3's PS3 vs Michelin Pilot sport 4's PS4

    Hi All, I have Michelin Pilot sport 3's at the moment which are excellent IMO, they now have PS4's out for 2016. Are they better worse that the PS3's in people's views who have had both? Dont think I need the Super Sports before someone mentions it. Alan
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    Mountain drifting with a S15 Silvia - 16 years old pilot

    Hey guys! Just wanted to share with you the latest drifting championship in Brazil. This mountain track was design for drifting events and it is awesome. This S15 Silvia has a Toyota 1JZ engine with a single Holset HX40 turbo and the pilot, Diego, is only 16 years old! There´s some nice tandem...
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    S15 SR20DET w/S14 mission.....which pilot bearing?

    I'm a little confused on this. I'm installing an S15 Spec-R motor into my Spec S. However, I am using an S14 5-spd transmission and clutch and flywheel. I know the pilot bearings are different, but I'm unsure of which one I need to order for my swap. If I could please get an answer to this...