1. J

    New clutch kit!

    Hi guys, my clutch has started a slip a tad, so when I get some more moneys, i shall be purchasing. Anyone recommend a decent Clutch? It's in a Autech 6-speed, so I'd presume i'd want a spec R clutch... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. D

    s15 exhaust question

    hey can someone tell me if an exhaust, just from the cat back, from a spec r will fit a spec s?? I presume they are the same but just want a definite answer! thanks
  3. Topper

    Part number request

    Guys, hoping one of you can assist. Need the part number of the the sub-headbolt located inside the head, but ahead of the timing chain (front edge). There are two bolts, presume they are the same, with a large collar from the head to the threads. Cheers :thumbs:
  4. J

    please help vacume problem!!!

    well guys,i put a fmic and dump valve in the car at the weekend,but now when im driving and i put in the clutch or put the car in neutral when the car is still moving it cuts out,,,i presume its a vacume leak??what would ye recomend to put around the ends of the pipes to seal them....[gasket...
  5. mook

    Quick Q for Matt S

    Matt, Apologies if you've mentioned this in order threads but I did a search and skimmed through a couple of pages and couldn't find anything. I see on your spec that you've got a GReddy fmic. I also see you still have your fogs and don't appear to have had to cut your areo bumper at all to...
  6. D

    Clutch Reccomendations!

    My clutch decided to go to clutch heaven tonight on me :cry: . I know i d'ont want a paddle one cos there a balls to drive with. So its an Organic i'm after. Single plate i presume. Something that'll handle 300-350bhp. Are the S14 and S15 same? I presume they'd be different cos of the whole 6...
  7. D

    Power fc

    One quick question.. There's a lad near me selling a Power fc for good money cos he won it. Only snag is its for a r33 i presume gtst. Will it fit. I almost 100% positive the answer is no but i'd said i'd ask anyway..