1. Surfing Boris

    Profile Picture

    Okay so I know I'm being really thick here but how the hell do I change my profile pic. Every time I try and edit my profile I can change the biog etc but I can't upload a pic anywhere!
  2. S15_SAM

    Loss of email notifications.

    Since the recent software change on the forums I have lost the email notification's to reply's on threads I've commented on. has anyone else had this too? Just trying to see if its just me, I've checked my profile choices and they are the same and its turned on!
  3. Fruitbooter

    Weight of car and suitable trolly jack?

    I have a bog standard Drapper jack atm think its 1.5 tonnes.. But anyway I need to invest in a new jack so was wondering how much the S15's weigh? Also anyone know any decent places to get a nice big low profile jack as I dont want another skinny one that could topple over! Was looking on...
  4. S


    Couldn't see anything on my profile page to add my do I add one?:confused:
  5. I

    What TE37's fit over R34 GTR brembos?

    Fitting a set of R34 GTR brembos on my S15 just wana know what TE37 offsets fit wheel of chose is 17 x 7.5 +30 front 17 x 8.5 +30 rear will these fit with no problem and also will these fit under my gards with a 45 profile
  6. S

    Removing GT wing?

    Hello all - I would like to say that yes I did try and search on this topic but didnt find anything specifically discussing rear wing removal. ( ps I am a new starter on this forum! ) I have an s15 Spec R GT and the wing really causes a blindspot in the rear, so I was going to remove it. I...
  7. Miss S15

    Cant get into my profile

    Hey I tried to get into my profile clicked on it and this is what i get Database error The S15 Owners Club database has encountered a problem. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please try the following: Load the page again by clicking the...
  8. D


    how do i put up a picture of my car on my profile????????
  9. P

    my new wheels may be

    right need help as the money is burning a hole in my pocket. the wheel i like are kato sukumo's 7 X 17 inch one as i drive a spec s and what to maintane the comfort for every day driving. whats the coorect offset as don't want them to stick out side archs but i don't want them to foul the...
  10. Nicely

    Japanese Performance Article

    Some of you may remember me mentioning taking my car for a magazine photo shoot a couple of months back. The article in Japanese Performance magazine has come out this month. Its a sort of new buyer's profile on the S14 and S15 (from the UK perspective). As most of the people on here aren't UK...
  11. Nicely


    Some of you have already noticed that avatars aren't uploading to the forum. I'll have a look at this. In the meantime, you can get them working by hosting them elsewhere and using the 'Link to off-site Avatar:' option in your profile. :)