1. Max

    What JDM hatchback for a Daily?

    I'm thinking I'm going to need a daily soon, something JDM and fun, cheap to run and insure. Good on twisties but some motorway economy & practicality would be nice. Not looking at tuning it at all because I know what I am like!I'm liking the idea of:Pulsar VZR (N1 would be epic) - anyone...
  2. M

    Hey Im MPIG..... long story

    I thought Id say hi to everyone before asking question ect :) Ive had a few s-bodies now and ended up with this 2001 Spec-S S15 When I first picked it up, Looked a bit worse for wear :( It will be swapped for a turbo motor at some point, But i was quite impressed with the standard...
  3. G

    Noob from MK, England

    hi all, my names chris and ive signed up as i'd like to learn more about S15's before i make my next purchase. Previously ive owned an s14a, a pulsar gtir an mx5 and also a fd3s rx7. obviously i shall use the forum and search functions but go easy if i ask any dumb questions :D
  4. G

    Hello from New Zealand

    Hi people :wave: Im the Grifta and ive just swapped my 440+ bhp pulsar for a s15 spec R std except for aftermarket sideskirts and rear bumper which i have no idea of manufacturer, not planning to go to town on it after having such a powerful and harsh riding pulsar, just plan on making it a...
  5. justin666

    Hi All... (Update:06/12/2006 Pics added)

    Good morning to you all, Thought it was about time i introduced myself as ive been lurking around here for a bit now doing my research into the lovelyness that is the S15 :nod: Im Justin (obviously) and in 3 months time i will be the proud owner of a PWETER Spec R Aero courtesy of Jurgen at...