1. ChrisKnottIns

    £5 OFF CHRIS KNOTT Breakdown Cover in March

    Just a quick reminder that our discounted UK Breakdown Cover is only available until 31st March. Ordinarily our single car cover costs £59.50 but until the end of this month there's a £5 discount. This month you can arrange comprehensive cover that includes HomeStart, Roadside Assistance...
  2. J

    New! Team Japspeed Hoodies.

    Hi Guys, We have a fresh batch of our 100% cotton Japspeed branded hoodies in stock now and we thought we’d let you guys have the opportunity to buy them at a reduced rate! These are a great looking hoodie with the Japspeed branding on the front and on the hood itself. The front pocket helps...
  3. G

    SR20DET Juddering

    Hi all, I cant recall which thread it was with some suggestions given to solve my misfiring after cold start. 1) I have replace all 4 plugs and it still misfires.:cry: 2) I have replace all 4 coils with Splitfire - the juddering reduced but its still there at 2000rpm but stopped after 5...
  4. Nicely

    So, who in the UK has post-2001 registered S15?

    You're road tax has just lept, I'm afraid. New rules applying to post-2001 registered cars mean that if it produced more than 185g/km CO2, you get wacked for a ?25 per year increase in road tax. The official listing for the S14 is 233g/km.... Those registered pre-2001 get a ?5 increase. The...