1. L

    Bodywork Repair

    Hi guys. My S15 needs a decent amount of bodywork (sills replaced, spot rust removed, fenders repaired). I was wondering if anyone knows and recommends a bodywork shop that is high quality and experienced in working on the s chassis?
  2. oilman

    J-B Weld at Opie Oils for as little as £4.88

    J-B Weld has been the market leader in epoxy resins, adhesives, thread lockers and specialist products for over 40 years. J-B Weld has built up a loyal following of customers who have all shared the same experience after using any J-B Weld product . J-B Weld is a staple of every repair...
  3. A

    Sad times - parts needed

    Hi Guys, Sad times; the other week I was sitting in a queue of traffic when someone decided not to pay any attention whilst queuing with me and run straight in the back of me! :eek: The guys excuse was that he was admiring the car with his mate and wasn’t paying attention, (he obviously needed...
  4. sparks

    Respray in s15 pearl or r34 white

    Hey guys my car is in for a full respray and I am thinking of going for a r34 gtr white because of the difficulty of matching the pearl white paint if I need a repair done again. What do ye think,would it be a mistake not going for the original pearl white (wko).
  5. J

    FS: S15 wide vented front wings

    No longer need these, 25mm wider then standard vented. They will need a small repair, will get photos tomorrow. They will need painting too. £150 posted to uk
  6. Sims77

    Importing a fresh one

    Hello Im Mark and im from Staffordshire, thought i'd better join an owners forum as Ive just (today) confirmed a lovely S15 Spec-R in Japan from JM-Imports and i know little about them :D A bit of history I started my proper Jap car life with a DC5 which i owned and loved for 4 years. It was...
  7. tooley

    FS: S15 c-west bumper copy

    Using my vertex bumper instead. £70 repair has been started
  8. H

    Private Plate Transfer - HELP!!

    My g/f crashed my '99 s15 6 months ago and it had my plate on it. The insurance company eventually wrote it off and paid me out and i bought the car back. Now i have an '01 and today tried to swap my plate from the crashed car to the new one but the VRO in cardiff have told me that my old car...
  9. J0R04N

    FS: S15 Pewter Grey Bonnet

    Got my old bonnet for sale, has got a small bend/twist. Is easily repairable. I managed to find a new one for a good price hence why i didn't repair it myself. Would suit a track car or if you wanted to repair would be fine for road use also. Bonnet closes fine just cosmetic. £60 ono
  10. H

    Oops, Anyone got a cheap shell???!!!

    My g/f was driving home the other night and had an argument with a lamp post, car is fooked. Anyone know of a cheap shell? It would be a shame to break my pride and joy but i'm not happy to repair it. All my engine work was only done 3 months ago by jez(h-dev) and i spent a fortune.
  11. S

    Hello to everyone

    Hey everybody I'm here to help and learn cause a person can think they know just about everything but still can learn. I am into car audio and electronic repair. I have an E-bay store where I sell car amps and I also repair car amps. I have people send me amps from all over the US. My prices are...
  12. K

    Reapiar coilovers??

    One of my colivers have started leaking.... Its a set of R Racing High quality motor sports. JTC N1 Circut damper. Does anyone know anyone that can repair em? Regards.
  13. A


    I can't believe it, overnight someone has keyed my car, ON MY OWN DRIVE!! Not happy.... :( Apart from littleknocks in Harefield (who i am going to contact now), does anyone know who might be able to repair this in West...