1. Aurora61

    fuel rail return line question

    When I was installing a aftermarket fuel pressure regulator, i had to cut the return line hose shorter for fitment reasons. Upon doing so, I noticed that the hose has restrictors inserted inside the hose. I assume these are placed inside the hose for fuel pressure related reasons. Just in case...
  2. Shorty


    Stolen wheels cash reward****************STOLEN******************** CASH REWARD FOR INFO LEADING TO THE RETURN OF THE WHEELS. Last night someone broke in to Chizfabs shipping container where they store all their wheels and made of with them. The list is very substantial and there are lots...
  3. O

    WTB: T28r Oil Return Pipe

    Hi, S14a owner here. Swapping my T28 for a T28R after being told its a direct swap using all the same bits, but just found out the T28 oil return flange is bigger than the T28R and kinda needs to be back on the road for tonight. Proper stuck here. Can anybody in East Midlands UK help me...
  4. K

    newbie from south west england

    Hi everyone! :wave: cutting the crap out, i'm going to be looking for an s15 in the next month so thought i'd start in the best place! Hopefully you guys on here can offer the best advice and hints & tints for me as a new s15 buyer/owner... In return i'll try my hardest to help out with the...
  5. DarioG

    Return to the O.C.

    Hello everyone!!! Im making a return onto the s15 oc forum...... after quite a few months.... On my last time here i think i pissed "nicely" off with my use of txt speak.... And my usual guff........ For this i apologise..And to any1 else whom i offended......... On returning i promise to be on...
  6. S

    Help needed:japanese car dismantlers

    as above guys i need to find a breakers breaking a nissan silvia s15 spec R preferably a 01-02(i think).. I need to get my hands on a oil return line assembly that goes from the turbo to the oil sump.... any help appreciated..
  7. E

    Question on fuel plumbing

    All, I'm trying to work out my new fuel plumbing plan and am using a SARD fuel rail. The rail itself has 3 connection points for fuel lines... I was expecting 2 :) Question - how to install it: 1. feed into the center and then return from each end via my aeromotive FPR which has 2 inputs...
  8. K

    IM OFF!

    start my new job today with :thumbs: andwhat am i doing for my firstday? collecting my company demo car and then going on tour with the rest of the guys to holland for 10 days :D im so excited :D so ill speak to guys when i return :thumbs: and ill get some pics to...
  9. sushiming

    s15 turbo outlet return pipe

    hey guys does anyone know if the S15 turbo outlet return pipe is the same as the S14A one as thats the pipe needs replacing.....will I be able to order one from uk nissan dealers??? cheers