1. A

    slippery roads?

    Is it just me or are the roads super slippery at the moment? Even though the roads are dry I cant put any power down round here without spinning the wheels, my tyres & the road are covered in salt.
  2. F

    Newbie from Syd! Hello all!

    Hey Guys, Name's Tony. Just thought I'd give a quick hello. Im new to the whole forum chat, but not to the S15's. I'm onto my second one now after making the mistake of selling my first =( but only to move onto a better one so I cant complain =) See HEAPS out on the roads here but haven't been...
  3. Nissan_S15

    Poorly maintained UK road cracked my body kit. So annoyed :(

    So once again, the UK roads have taken there toll on my newly fitted body kit and right before the Japshow on Sunday 30th :( The goverment really does need to concentrate on maintining some of these roads, as I swear some of them are getting worse year in year out. The amount of potholes and...
  4. R

    FS: 1999 Spec- R 6 Speed Gearbox, ACT Clutch - EVERYTHING!

    upgrading to an rb25 box so the following will be available from week commencing 15th April No weird noises, crunches etc etc... drove lovley.. still in car. Not sure if it has a short shift but certainly feels like one.. wouldnt suprise me as the car came with some trick bits from japan...
  5. LeeSpecR

    Pewter touch up stick? Such a thing available?

    Good day all. im looking to buy a touch up set for my car,I've not been tto nissan yet as the weather has been crap and my car will not be going out in wet roads. has anyone brought one or can help me find one.i prefer a genuine job as it will a better match (I hope). cheers lee
  6. S


    Hi, Just wanted to say hello I'm new to the forum I have a S15 spec-S in white, have owned it for the last 5 years. I will post pics when I can work out how to do so. Its great to see some other S15's on here cos there's not too many on the roads but thats the beauty of it for me. Will post...
  7. D

    lowering springs with standard shocks??

    Heys guys Im thinking of putting in 30 or 40mm lowering springs into the 15 with standard shocks, how do you think they would hold up? I drive it everyday as my daily, not too bad roads and I always crawl over bumps etc.. Will I be ok as far as the oem shocks go? Thanks
  8. D

    GAB suspension advice

    I have just imported a (jap spec) car which came fitted with GAB adjustable suspension riding on 17" rims - the GABs have red cylinders and springs. I find it a bit hard/crashy for local (sydney) roads and would like to know what spring rates they may have come with for front and rear. After a...
  9. M

    TAX question

    Hi mates,I?m thinking on moving to my country with the car this summer and i wondered if i can drive the car in the EU roads without the UK TAX, since mine will expiry during the summer Thanks. Regards.
  10. subzero

    Tire recommendations ?

    hi there. drive an s15 which has a fair bit of power, just wondering any1 suggest a good tire . im after something that wears well and has good grip in the wet, as she's a bit of a handfull on the irish twisty roads. was reading through previous posts but only found suggestions for track...
  11. A

    Tein or Apex??

    hi lads my car came in with jic magic coilovers in the car,,but are extremely to hard for irish roads,,i mean windscreen shattering on bad roads,, have been thinking of getting apex or tein super street coilovers got any advice?
  12. I

    Tail gaters!

    Ok guys - I don't know about you all - but the one thing that I can't tolerate on the roads are people who sit right up your ar$e. :rant: Sure, we have the ability to avoid other's stupid mistakes on the roads, but if the numb skull behind you ploughs into you once you take evasive action, it...