1. F

    Suspension Refresh

    Looking to do a big refresh of the bushes and arms and stuff. Already have a set of Blitz coilovers fitted. So far i have bought - Tension Rods - Toe Rods - Traction Rods - Rear camber arms - Tein tie rods and end links to match - Front LCR Bushes - Rear LCR Bushes - Subframe Bushes - Nismo...
  2. S

    WTB: Standard s15 conrods

    Posting for a mate who wants some s15 rods for his s13? Thanks
  3. I

    Rods and Ends + FAST download

    1999 Spec R manual The alignment place advised me to change one rod and one ARB drop link due to play. I want to change both rods and both ends. I'm trying to figure out what rod and ends I need. I have came across loads of conflicting info so far. I believe: Rods: The rack end threads are...
  4. S15AK

    Front Tension/tie rods

    Hi guys I need some new front tension rods, but I've been advised to get bushed type not rose joint. I've had a look online and can only seem to find the rose joint type, so anyone seen the brushed type online anywhere? Cheers
  5. eiden88

    FS: TougeFactory bump adjust tie rod ends

    Hi all, up for sale a set of brand new TougeFactory bump adjust (anti bump steer)tie rod ends. These would fit 14mm od tie rods, so any from s14, s14a, z32/33, standard or uprated tie rod would be straight fit for these.Won't fit non-hicas s15 tie rods. £70 +shipping (or you could arrange your...
  6. J

    FS: Sr20 det performance coil packs + adjustable arms

    hi folks Sr20Det Uprated Coils got a set of these for sale, they're still practically brand new, they went into my car on the 3rd of november and were removed a few weeks later, i bought these to cure a stutter my car had however it turned out to be a broken tps wire.....doh!! they have...
  7. D

    dino619's S15

    have alittle time today to post some info on my car finally..... 1999 Nissan Silvia spec R, pearl white. I bought the car in March 2012 and have been fixing it up to take it to the track for drifting. I have been drifting for about 5-6 years now with all of my previous cars with SR setup's...
  8. B

    New member from Melb :)

    Hi all, My names bobi im 22 years old and ive owned my s15 for 2 and a half years now.. Also a member on and Im currently in the end stages of rebuilding my motor as i spun a bearing late last year. Quick specs of new setup: - Nitto 2.2L stroker kit with h beam rods -...
  9. K

    s13 toe arms interchangeable with s15?

    sorry I tried to search,but couldn't find a definite answer...I keep seeing that s13-s15 suspension parts are almost all interchangeable,just trying to make sure s13 toe rods will work before I buy this set appreciate the help OC!
  10. J

    Japspeed Nissan S15 Rear Upper Traction Rods *BACK IN STOCK*

    Hi Guys we have just go back into stock our very popular rear upper traction rods to fit the S15 model. These heavy duty traction rods for the rear suspension on the 200SX can be adjusted and set to eliminate bump steer and alter the rear suspension traction settings by holding the rear hubs...
  11. J

    Japspeed Nissan 200SX Full Steering Rods *BACK IN STOCK*

    Hi Guys we have just received back into stock the Nissan full steering rods. These will fit the S13 S14 And our favourite the S15 model and are the perfect item if you require extra lock! These high quality steering arms are made from high-tensile, heavy duty steel and are designed to...
  12. s15wideass

    First pics of my new s15 wide body

    Updated new pics of my s15 Right so here's an update of the car as it is now havn't been on here in ages so alot has happened since i got the car :) old spec: apex 1.2mm headgasket braided turbo lines Orc twinplate clutch HKS manifold HKS elbow Hks downpipe Cusco coilovers Braided break...
  13. NICKO

    Forged or stock

    Well im going to uprate loads of parts on the S15 like HKS GTRS turbo, 256 HKS cams, metal headgasket with all other supporting mods, also having new big ends, timing chain etc now while the engine is stripped down for the extra monies would it be worth having forged rods and pistons? will...
  14. Marcus

    S15 parts compalibility to S14?!

    I thought there is no topic for just this, so here it is. Please ask and tell everybody what parts are fully compalibility to S14/S14a. If this topic come popular, admins can correct my spellings :) I like to know are these next parts compalibility to S14/S14a. 1. S15 original brake hoses 2...
  15. U

    Udi's S15

    2002 Spec-R GT Bought off an old man with 27,000 on the clock, bone stock Done a few little things to it: - HKS Silent Hi-Power tbe, FMIC, JDM ecu - RAYS Gram Lights 57maximum, Potenza 050A's - R33 Front calipers, 296mm slotted rotors - Adjustable camber/caster/traction/toe rods, lower springs -...
  16. koullis

    S14 tie rods and ends to s15

    Hi, does anyone knows if the S14 tie rods and ends or just the ends fit the S15? Do i have to buy both the tie rods and ends or is it ok to buy just the S14 tie rod ends? Thank you.
  17. V

    Nismo Tension Rods for S14 and S15

    We have a mint condition Nismo Tension Rod set (Part No. 54460-RSR40) for the S14 and S15 Nissan Silvia. The NISMO Tension Rod Set is a great way to improve the steering of your vehicle. They use strengthened rubber bush to reduce flex and in turn make the car more predictable during...
  18. G

    after market tie rods/tie rod ends

    just want to know what after market tie rods and ends everyone is using ive got just jap tie rods and heavy duty tune agent tie rod ends, and a pair of rose joint tie rod ends just wanted to know what everyone use's and recomends cheers...
  19. E

    OEM tension rods part number??

    Hi.. may i know the parts number please? Coz my bushes is worn out.. :furious: or should i buy the aftermarket one?? Which one is better? I love the kazama rods but im not into drifting lol
  20. J

    Various S15 Parts for Sale.

    Hi Guys, It’s the end of the 2009 BDC season and we have a few bits and pieces laying around which we don’t need any more for the S15’s. If you take a look and see if anything takes your fancy, get in contact via PM’s or call us on 08450 212 312. All items have been used and unless...