1. L

    Diff seal

    Has anyone replaced the seal behind the flange where the prop bolts to? Got a torque setting for the nut? does it set up black lash
  2. Judd

    Anyone got information on this spec R

    Hi. I'm setting off to have a look at this soon Anyone know it or have any info about it?
  3. Surfing Boris

    Rocker Cover Torque Settings

    Hi guys, I am having my rocker cover dipped and I have ordered new rubber gaskets and some flange sealant ready to put it all back together but does someone know what torque setting the torque wrench should be? I have read some advice that you should just use a normal socket set and go finger...
  4. lukes15

    Apexi Avcr boost controller

    hi people, my new s15 I've just picked up from japan, has one of these apexi electronic boost controllers and i think its set all funny after somebody messed with the settings, does anybody have one of these that could tell me a base setting? because its bogging out etc atm [emoji52] its quite...
  5. sibbers

    My sensible fast road S15

    I was going to post this in the welcome thread, but it seemed like after 3 months that might be milking it a bit. Anyway, after focusing on tasteful handling mods and renewing aging parts to make the car feel modern again I thought I'd see what happens with a headlight restoration kit. Turns...
  6. N80Jamie

    Boost Issue

    Boost Issue (Video added!) I'm having a slight issue at the minute which randomly starting occurring after a short drive tonight. Due to the cooler air temperatures at the minute i'm running a lower boost setting (around 0.7bar) as i was getting too much boost creep on the higher setting. When...
  7. M

    setting up electronic boost controller

    hi all im in the process of setting up mu aem tru boost. but i need to know what the waste gate crack pressure is. or acuator spring pressure on standard actuator. cheers
  8. JaseYpk

    Manually setting the timing!

    Ok, so i've been alerted that when i pulled out the crank sensor, that i'd probably have fiddled with it.. which i did. because i didnt know what it was, i'm only human after all. so now the reason my car isnt firing, is because the timing is out, so it seems. So, does anybody have a guide on...
  9. spoonman

    Snapped Camshaft bolt, what not to do when installing rocker arm stopper

    My rocker arm stoppers from Tomei arrived today, according to the installation instruction that come with them, they say to torque to 11.8Nm the cam nuts, at this low setting i discovered the hard way to make sure the wrench does not move higher then this setting, which happened just by...
  10. sliding-r

    Calling people with whiteline ARBs

    Got my second hand arbs repainted this eve as there a touch rusty as they all go.. Just cleaned them and used some silver hammerite.. Works a treat ; ) Now I have measured my rear one and it appears to be the 20 mm version not 22 m but I'm sure it's much better than the stocker.. What the oem...
  11. N

    what's damper setting should my car be at?

    hey guys just got my s15 with new tein flex in them ... and im bouncing all over the place lol.... what setting should i be on wit damper? should it be harder at the front and softer and the back... or hard at the back and soft at the front?
  12. A

    ECU remapping with Jez - max SAFE boost??

    Guys, I have read a couple of threads on here, and a lot of people seem to be setting their max boost to 1.2bar.. Just wanted to check peoples opinion's on whether that is safe to run with a stock turbo? My setup: FMIC Induction kit Apexi GT exhaust (now with Apexi ATS - so much quieter...
  13. J

    Alignment setting

    I will be booking in for a full 4 wheels alignment soon and wants to use the Whiteline fast road setting. Do you need the adjustable camber arms to get those setting? my car is lowered about 20mm on Nismo S-tune suspension.
  14. Topper

    Coilover fitting

    When fitting coilovers (or any suspension really), do you guys put any kind of silicone around the top of the strut to seal it from weather etc? Any other precautions i should be taking while swaping over coilovers? I know to: - 1) Adjust the pre-loud setting 2) Adjust height to same as...
  15. S

    Tein Mono Flex vs Old ver?

    Any fellow silvia owners out there have done any research comparing Tein Flex (old ver) compared to their new ver Tein mono flex? i have tried reading the tein website and the main difference is a micro valve? which supposedly helps with when you set it to a softer setting it will still feel...