1. D

    FS: Volk Rays GT- C 17x9

    I'm selling my Volk wheel since they don't fit as I want them to fit. They are in pretty good condition, some slight damage but no curbing or anything. They are 2 piece rims which are partly forged. measures: 17x9 et28 and 17x9 et21 5x114.3 I am looking to get €1200,- ( £1000,- i believe ) for...
  2. S15_SAM

    FS: Manaray sport vertec vr5, 18x8j et38, 18x9j et35, toyo t1r, michellin pilot 3, Swaps

    I'm looking to swap my wheels for something different but in similar sizes and offsets! Price is 500ono but would prefer a swap! I prefer 5 spoke styles like GTR's etc. must be straight and true aswell! My wheels are all straight with very minimal curbing, I have painted over them in gloss...
  3. J

    Japspeed Evolution Winter Bundle!

    Wrap up for winter with our fantastic new Japspeed Evolution Winter Bundle, the perfect gift for the upcoming winter season! Included in the bundle is the brand new Japspeed Evolution hoodie, the perfect way to keep you warm whether you're sat at home or stood trackside! The new-look hoodie...
  4. S

    Steering rack boot

    Anyone know where I can get a steering rack boot for S15 or know the sizes so can get a generic one. Thanks.
  5. M

    FS: - SERIOUS WHEELS - ADVAN RACING RS - forged mag alloys - 17x9.5 ET15 / 18x10 ET15 -

    WILL SELL WHEELS FOR £1300 ADVAN Racing RS - forged lightwieght racing wheels RARE and in **** hot sizes fronts 17x9.5J ET15 - 235/45/17 ADVAN NEOVA AD08 fairly new rears 18x10J ET15 - 225/40/18 michelins i think, good tread wheels have a few dings and scratches on the lips, but...
  6. T

    Sandwich Plate and Water Temp Fitting Sizes?

    Does anyone know what the exact sizes I need are for the above? I've been searching online and it seems the standard top hose diameter is 34mm. Anyone confirm this? And I cant find out which sandwich plate to use? Is it: (1) 3/4 UNF (2) M20 x 1.5mm (3) M18 x 1.5mm any help appreciated...
  7. M

    looking for thread sizes on the filler caps

    hi folks i need the thread sizes for the oil, brake fluid, and power steering filler caps im looking to get a batch of the anodised caps made next week when all the other orders are completed. gonna get the correct sizes 1st though help would be great, otherwise im gonna have to ask to...
  8. Suspect

    boost hose sizes?

    Right going to change the boost hoses out for new silicon one just for piece of mind, but cant find what sizes or how much I will need. I'm thinking 3m of 4mm and 6mm for some reason :wack: Is this correct or have I just made that up? Cheers guys
  9. hendo

    S15OC(Qld) has Merch

    A few members of S15OC(qld) have been making up stickers for our members rides to wear like a badge of honor lol and to get the clubs name out amongst the crowd. The good news is we can offer you the same goodies we will have which can only be a good thing right. The sticker pack will contain...
  10. I

    S15 with Rota GTR wheels pic request and info

    Anyone running Rota gtr's what sizes and offsets fill the arches with these?
  11. 1

    Pineapple sizes

    Anyone have a whiteline pineapple on hand or have any ideas what is the outter diameter of the 2 sizes of the pineapple? Cos superpro only list the size and no mentioning of where it suppose to go. Small - 69.5mm Big - 80 mm Thanks in advance.