Tomei Reytec Software

    Hi guys Anyone know of anywhere to download the Reytec software? Tried googling but getting run round in circles. Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. subzero

    Software for using the Diagnostic Port ??

    any help here appreciated, i know you could go to a specialist etc, but what do i need to do it at home . serial cable to link to pc and software ?? is the software downloadable anywhere or can be bought .
  3. C1TPT

    nistune or standard ecu remap?

    Hi guys, I will be getting my car mapped pretty soon and i was just looking at the options. i dont want something expensive like the PFC so its between the nistune software and just a standard ecu remap! can anyone tell me the differences? advantages / dissadvantages? can you call up fault...
  4. Nicely

    Forum Downtime

    You may have notice that the forum was down for a number of hours last night (GMT). This was caused by some problems upgrading the server's base software to allow the forum software to be upgraded. There will be another outage in the next few days when I perform this upgrade. However, it...
  5. richy200

    consult software and lead

    Hey guys, i've recently had a engine swap (na sr20de out and s14 silvia sr20det in) i have a mines ecu in the car and it has been mapped by mines. The guy that did the conversion told me that he connected the consult up so that should be working (hasn't been tested) i just wanted to know...
  6. Miss S15

    Anyone know anything about smf software

    Does any of ye know anything about smf software?
  7. Z

    Where seek-page on your site!

    Well... interesting site... Im seek for seek-link on your site. Can you help me? P.S. Anybody know about XRumer 5.0 software? Need an url to it...
  8. A

    Consult software and USB lead

    I am looking into getting the consult software and USB /Serial cable for the S15.. (Getting rather excited as before now all i had to look at was flashing red and green LED's on the S13!! :nod:) So I have read a number of threads
  9. S

    HKS 5th Generation EVC Boost Controller

    I've found this translated about the HKS 5th Generation EVC Boost Controller with optional Power Writer software setting (5x5map on boost compensation) interesting in the translated article <> (use <> for Japanese...
  10. K

    power fc software??

    Does anyone out there know anything about the power fc software that i can get without having to go through the apexi dealer ??
  11. G

    Mr Nicely - S15 Chassis No.

    Hi Nicely, have you any resource as to how to identify what year manufacture from the Chassis no. on the car? I was told Nissan FAST software can but I dont seem to be able to get a hang of that software. Appreciate your help. Many thanks in advance.
  12. Nicely

    Forum software change

    At some point this weekend the forum will be offline for up to a day. This is to allow me to migrate the forum to new vBulletin BB software. vBulletin will allow much greater flexibility and improved options over the current phpBB software. It will also start to bring into play some changes in...
  13. A

    Apexi Power FC

    Hi, people! Does anybody have the maps or software fot Power fc (sr20det blackhead s13)??? I found only this: There are software: but it's for money :cry: