1. M

    Non aero bumpers

    Just wondering what sorta money these go for?
  2. mint

    Open Event: s15oc @ Events 2009

    Hey Guys, Is this club going to be organising any events this coming year through the UK at all? I'll be at a lot this year with my club and just wondered. Also, With Nicely being at the other side of the world now is there someone in the UK thats sorta stepped up?
  3. D

    wonder how well this would work...

    Kinda cool for the people that really don't wanna change their engine bay about too much! i know someone on here just the other day said they'd shifted them rad' back 20mm to do this sorta fitment. What i wonder though, is how well it'd compare to the likes of a full FMIC. Surely alot of the...