1. M

    Spoon Rigid Collar Kits

    Hi everyone, Touge can now sort out you lovely Silvia folks with Spoon Rigid collar kits.. http://eu.tougedistribution.com/item--Spoon-Rigid-Collar-Kit--50261-S14-000/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWyUD6UXfog These are only getting good reviews from all people I know using them. Over on...
  2. mint

    FS: The Minty Fresh Coupe - NOT s15..

    Im putting this up as im away to get my s15 soo so soon, So if this is a problem please delete and inform me. -- For sale: The Minty Fresh Coupe Item Condition: Minty Fresh y0! :P Price and price conditions: ?5k o.n.o. Extra Info: Has 72k on the clock however the engine its sell has been...