1. FreakensNL

    BOV stalling fix?

    Is there any way to fix the stalling with a open bov? Can't really find anything, and don't want to recirculate.. use the throttle anti stick screw as a idle control??
  2. H

    Nissan S15 sputters / hesitates during full throttle

    Make a short story of this. Ran the car home to give it a wash. 1.5h later and good to go I noticed it started to sputter / hesitate during full throttle :confused: Now I been tried to fix this issue by change; Brand new plugs, bkr7e re-gapped to 0.7 New fuel pump (from nissan r34 gtr) Coil...
  3. crazymat666

    idle jerky when warm

    once the car has warmed up it tends to have a few jerky bumps but yet the revs remain the same what could this been? it anythin to do with the plugs by any chance? and also rarely it will drop down to near on stalling then back up again when driving and stoppin at a junction ive had the icv...